10 Easy but Essential Steps for Home Selling Success

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

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5. Get a loan agreed in theory.

Now you have to approach a mortgage lender and work with him to determine exactly how much you can comfortably afford to borrow. He will take into account many factors but these will includerepparttar amount you have as a down payment andrepparttar 136183 amount you earn. Ultimately he will arm you with a budget with which you can now work when searching for your new home.

6. Begin searching for your new house.

Now you have a budget to work with you can beginrepparttar 136184 exciting process of searching for a new home. It may seem dull to have to get allrepparttar 136185 financial facts and figures in place before heading off to find that dream house, but by doing allrepparttar 136186 ground work first you will be less likely to fall in love with an unsuitable, unaffordable home. You will not have set yourself up for a fall; you will once again have set yourself up for success.

7. Give your home a makeover!

Takerepparttar 136187 advice given to you byrepparttar 136188 real estate agents and get to work withrepparttar 136189 repairs, renovations and heavy work needed to bring your house up torepparttar 136190 top ofrepparttar 136191 market.

8. Findrepparttar 136192 best real estate agent.

Having already met and worked with real estate agents forrepparttar 136193 valuation of your home get back in touch with your preferred agent and ask them to revalue and then market your home. If you are in doubt about which agent to choose speak to any friends, family and colleagues in your local area who have recently bought, sold or rented property through an agent and ask for personal recommendations. You need to feel comfortable withrepparttar 136194 agent you choose to represent you, you need to make sure they will sell your house as quickly, efficiently, honestly and effectively as possible and that they are trust worthy to be left to show viewers around your home.

Once you choose your agent go through their entire marketing strategy for your home and make sure you are comfortable with their approach and that they are going to do everything required of them to assist you. Furthermore, ask them to revalue your home based onrepparttar 136195 work you have done to it and any market movements that have occurred inrepparttar 136196 interim.

9. Remember - first impressions count!

Nowrepparttar 136197 time has come for buyers to begin viewing your home. You have to go over every single aspect of your home with a very critical eye and consider whatrepparttar 136198 potential purchaser will make of every aspect. Their first impression of your home will be as they look at it fromrepparttar 136199 sidewalk, ensurerepparttar 136200 outside of your home is as clean, tidy and well presented as possible and then walk through every room andrepparttar 136201 garden and look at it with fresh eyes. What will a buyer’s eye be drawn to,repparttar 136202 beautiful proportions ofrepparttar 136203 room orrepparttar 136204 dirty window and vase of dead flowers?

Because first impressions count so very much takerepparttar 136205 time to consider every aspect of your home and then make time to clean, polish and present your home inrepparttar 136206 very best light possible.

10. Be as flexible as possible.

If you can be quick to react to a viewing request and flexible when it comes to a contract completion date you will be doing everything within your power to enable your buyer. By remaining on top ofrepparttar 136207 upkeep of your home you should be able to say ‘yes’ to a viewing request atrepparttar 136208 drop of a hat. And if you remain on top of your home search and are at least mentally prepared to move out swiftly – even if this means moving into rental accommodation for a short period – you will be doing absolutely everything within your power for home selling success.

Rhiannon Williamson is the publisher of http://www.shelteroffshore.com/ - for offshore and international real estate investors.

Custom Knife Care (Blades&Handles)

Written by Rhonda Erline

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Knife handles that are made from domestic wood ( wood withinrepparttar U.S. such as Birdseye Maple, Oak, Basswood, Walnut and Maple, etc), usually do not have their own oils and if not stabilized, may need a little extra care to keep them from drying out. There 3 ways I know of to help wood handles of this type.

Apply a light coating of furniture wax and a good hand rubbing which will help protect it from moisture.

Apply a small amount furniture polish with a moisturizer. I use a furniture polish that has a moisturizer and lemon oil. The polish cleans and givesrepparttar 136031 wood some protection from water and stains.

Linseed Oil can also be use as a preservative on wood handles. Whatever you choose to use always wipe off excess.

Leather stacked handles can be cleaned with a all color saddle soap which gives it some protection against moisture. You may also preserved them with a good quality leather treatment such as mink oil, always wipe off excess oil or soap.

Synthetic handles (man made) such as Micarta, G10 and its variants also require little care other than good cleaning. These type of Knives can be placed in a dishwasher, although extreme care should be taken to make surerepparttar 136032 knife blade does not bang against other object as this could damagerepparttar 136033 cutting edge.


Leather sheaths over a period of time get dirty andrepparttar 136034 leather can dry out get cracks and splits and need to be cleaned. This is best done with a saddle soap (for all colors) or any good leather soap or mink oil. I find that using Kiwi Outdoor Saddle Soap periodically works real well. It cleansrepparttar 136035 leather, keeps it supple and helps protect it from moisture. Periodical cleaning ofrepparttar 136036 sheath will ensure that it does not dry out and split. However, do not overduerepparttar 136037 leather oil products as this will cause your sheath to lose its molded form. If that happens, your sheath will not securely holdrepparttar 136038 knife.


Every knife blade with prolong use will need sharpening. More people are hurt from using a dull knife; more pressure onrepparttar 136039 knife is needed to cut and this extra pressure at times causerepparttar 136040 knife to slip. Keep you blade well honed. Probablyrepparttar 136041 most difficult part of honing your blade is maintainingrepparttar 136042 correct angle. There are many good sharpening systems out there that will help you and make it easy for you to getrepparttar 136043 correct angel. Lansky sharpening system is easy to use and helps getrepparttar 136044 correct honing angle. It also does a wonderful job of sharpening. Marvin Poole uses this system to sharpen dull knives.


Always make sure your knife is clean then store it at room temperature. Do not store your knife in a leather sheath, rememberrepparttar 136045 chemicals used in tanningrepparttar 136046 sheath can cause stains and rust on your blade. It’s easier if you store your knife inrepparttar 136047 same location asrepparttar 136048 sheath, that way when you are ready to use it everything is right there and ready to go.

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Rhonda Erline is the exclusive internet seller for the knife maker Marvin Poole. You can view Mavin Poole custom made knives at Sage Creek (http://www.sagecreek1.com)

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