10 Concerns To Have Before Creating A Members Only Web Site!

Written by Larry Dotson

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6. Will your members only web site be sold as a product or will it be used as a promotional tool? Will you be promoting back end products in it?

7. Will you members only web site ad contain a guarantee, testimonials, strong headline, a major benefit, limited offer, free bonuses, etc.

8. What type of payments will you accept forrepparttar members only web site? Will you be billing them once, monthly, quarterly or yearly?

9. Will you let your prospects read a free sample? content excerpt, ebook chapter, article, a free hour pass, free limited membership, etc.

10. Will you password protect your member's only web site, use an honesty system or changerepparttar 134757 url every now and then?

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Turn your website into a workhorse

Written by Kathy Burns

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7. Focus onrepparttar Customer Donít makerepparttar 134756 customer work forrepparttar 134757 sale. If you have products available directly on your site, be sure to include a full description of those products and include a picture where possible as well asrepparttar 134758 purchase price. I have been to many sites that have one or two of these elements but not all. For instance, some sites show a picture andrepparttar 134759 name ofrepparttar 134760 product withrepparttar 134761 price, but they donít have a description! Even worse are those sites that do a fantastic job of showing and telling - but you have no idea how muchrepparttar 134762 product costs unless you go partially intorepparttar 134763 ordering process.

If you offer a service then service visitors fromrepparttar 134764 beginning! Be available for immediate email or live followup and support, or again, provide useful information that relates to your services. If you impress them withrepparttar 134765 information you give away, they will wonder just how much more they can get by paying you.

8. Make sure things work! I was atrepparttar 134766 site of a very well known and established home products company recently and I was there to buy. I placed several items into my shopping cart and proceeded to go throughrepparttar 134767 checkout process. After entering my shipping information I clicked continue and fully expected to enter my payment information. Imagine my surprise when instead I was redirected torepparttar 134768 catalog page! I tried multiple times to place my order and finally gave up out of frustration. Did I pick uprepparttar 134769 phone and placerepparttar 134770 order instead? Nope! It wasrepparttar 134771 middle ofrepparttar 134772 night and I did not wantrepparttar 134773 bother of placing a call, waiting on hold, then explaining torepparttar 134774 sales representative what it was that I wanted. So make sure everything works on your site! Test and retest when first setting it all up, then make a habit of randomly testing just to be sure nothing has changed!

Whether youíre just starting out or you are a multi-million dollar corporation, following these simple steps should berepparttar 134775 rule - notrepparttar 134776 exception, . In doing these, you should soon see increased new visitor and customer satisfaction, longer visits to your website, increased word of mouth, and ultimately - increased sales.

Kathy Burns has been a freelance writer for over 15 years and is the owner of Electronic Perceptions, an E-Business, Handheld Computing & Wireless Technology Consulting Company. Visit her website at http://www.electronicperceptions.com for more articles and information or contact her through email at any time. mailto:kathy@electronicperceptions.com

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