10 Brilliant Methods to Move from Blechhh to Breakthrough in 5 minutes or less

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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7. Write a thank you note or two. Quickly becoming a lost art, keep A pack of notecards in your desk. Whenrepparttar blechhs arrive, simply jot A quick, heart felt thank you to someone. It can be anyone who positively Impacts your day. (The mail carrier, an author, a member of your house Of worship who greets you each Sunday, your son's scout leader.) By puttingrepparttar 124014 thank you out intorepparttar 124015 universe, not only are you Adding torepparttar 124016 positive energy or yourself andrepparttar 124017 recipient, you Are having a domino effect upon others as well. So simple AND So significant.

8. Do a 27 Fling Boogie. I learned this technique fromrepparttar 124018 Flylady Who is an online organizational-time-management-hero for "Stay Home Executives." If you feelrepparttar 124019 symptoms of blecch beginning to surface, grab a trash bag and get busy. Collect 27 items as quickly as you can, throw them inrepparttar 124020 trash bag, closerepparttar 124021 trash bag and take it outside immediately. This is VERY energizing. And somehow I never am unable to find 27 assorted items...you may surprise yourself!

9. Do a "Gifts Shift". This came in handy when I used to work In local government. Asrepparttar 124022 blechhs came upon me, I would Shift my task from something outside of my giftedness to Something inside my giftedness. For me that meant writing Something (I wrote some ofrepparttar 124023 most readable memos inrepparttar 124024 Department!) or working with my clients inrepparttar 124025 field. It always Worked so that returning to doing my original task was much, Much easier.

10. Finally, give something away. This may be something as Simple as giving a heartfelt compliment. It may mean starting Or expanding on a hobby specifically as a method for combatingrepparttar 124026 blechhs (one idea is to sponge paint small terra cotta pots and put a plant in them. One bigger plant can berepparttar 124027 source for many little plants.)

Use this list as a starting point. Print it out and add your Ideas as they come to mind. Finally, you will be prepared To create positivelyrepparttar 124028 next time you don't feel so great.

Your breakthroughs WILL come. Guaranteed.

Resources to support applying these tips include:

Gratitude Gardens: http://www.5passions.com/ggp.html

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Top Achievement's Quote ofrepparttar 124029 Day To subscribe via email: Or viarepparttar 124030 website at: http://www.topachievement.com

Powerquotes - Creating Daily Insights and Inspiration

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Flylady onrepparttar 124031 Internet http://www.FlyLady.net

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months. Visit http://www.5passions.com for free resources for YOUR success Contact Julie now to bring YOUR vision to life today. ph: 661.325.4116 or email mailto:julie@5passions.com

Make Your Resolutions Stick!

Written by John Colanzi

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This time everyone is thinking, "Oh God, I know it's me."

Wow! Do you think like that?

So how do you make sure you stay focused and positive when things aren't going as expected?

There's a concept they use inrepparttar "Silva Method" called "Reference Points." Most positive thinking groups have similar concepts.

To create a reference point you pickrepparttar 124013 most successful event you remember. Every day you concentrate on your "Reference Point."


To focus your mind onrepparttar 124014 positives in your life. Nature abhors a vacuum. Left on it's own, your mind will fillrepparttar 124015 void withrepparttar 124016 recent negative events.

As soon as you reach a goal, you set a newer more positive "Reference Point."

Tame your mind, set your goals and keep your resolutions.

Start using "Reference Points" and Make Your Resolutions Stick."

John publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter. Subscribe now and receive access to our Free Internet Marketing Library: http://johncolanzi.com/freeware.html John has a special free bonus marketing course for you. "7 Days to Netting Big Money" mailto:jcolanzi@maketing.com

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