10 Amazing Product Selling Formulas!

Written by Larry Dotson

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6. Set up a cross promotion deal with another web business. Allow them to sell your product as a back end product to their existing customers base.

7. Sell your product in a package deal with other web businesses. You can both advertise it and splitrepparttar profits.

8. Rent your products out for a set period of time. It's like selling but, you getrepparttar 127446 products back to rent again.

9. Allow people to subscribe to your products. It works best when selling info products, services or memberships.

10. Allow people to lease your products. It's like renting them but they haverepparttar 127447 option of buying atrepparttar 127448 end ofrepparttar 127449 lease.

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Geek Speak II - The Awakening

Written by John Warzecha

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This is not to suggest that elderly people cannot become computer literate, butrepparttar approach ofrepparttar 127445 first salesman convinced them that it was beyond them. Oncerepparttar 127446 second salesman discovered something of their needs, he began talking aboutrepparttar 127447 simplicity of e-mail and how they could stay in touch fairly easily. He talked about doing searches throughrepparttar 127448 Internet on their favourite history topics, andrepparttar 127449 various cooking news groups that could be accessed online. He carefully told them about accessing information online without using technical jargon and how they could actually send and receive pictures. The possibility of receiving pictures of their grand-children intrigued them. They really likedrepparttar 127450 idea that, even though they may not be able to get to Australia, they could receive regular pictures of their grand-children growing up. When he talked aboutrepparttar 127451 capability ofrepparttar 127452 computer, he used language that they understood. They receivedrepparttar 127453 same information as they did fromrepparttar 127454 first salesman, but in a language that was not peppered with impressive Geek-Speak. He sold them on ideas that were interested in. Byrepparttar 127455 time he finished, they had bought over three thousand dollars worth of computer equipment. He did not sell themrepparttar 127456 computer and peripherals- they were ready to but- but they just wanted to understand what they were buying. This kind of simplification ofrepparttar 127457 techno-babble or Geek-Speak that I discussed in my first article can affect sales, not only in a store situation, but also online. There will always be a necessity to use Geek-Speak but it is essential to know your audience. More sales are lost because someone, in a misguided attempt to impress their audience, confuses that same audience with a barrage of technical jargon or Geek-Speak. One must judgerepparttar 127458 audience carefully andrepparttar 127459 first step is to listen torepparttar 127460 questions that are being asked. Better still, ask questions that will elicit a response that will result in gaining some information aboutrepparttar 127461 prospective purchaser. It is easy to sell someone a product that they are impressed with but that they don't need. The most successful sales people however, are those who sell someone a product they need. The result is repeat sales becauserepparttar 127462 customer knows that their needs will be met and they won't be loaded up with peripherals that become dust collectors.

John Warzecha, who holds a teaching degree, a B.A., and an M.A., is V.P. of Communications at Wyka-Warzecha Enterprises, http://www.wyka-warzecha.com, a site devoting to helping website designers achieve amazing special effects, streaming audio with easy to use Java based products.

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