10 Activities For Better Marketing

Written by Jay Conners

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7. Tag Lines

When your answerrepparttar phone, make sure you answer it in a professional manner and state your name. You can also add a tag line promoting a product or promotion. Here are a few examples.

•Hello, thank you for calling XYZ Mortgage Company, this is John Doe, how may I help you?

•Hello, thank you for calling XYZ Mortgage Company, this is John Doe, have you heard about our interest only loans?

8. Partnerships

Partner up with a few Realtors in you area, this way you can attend their open houses, this is a great way to make contacts and make people aware of allrepparttar 145354 programs you have available. Remember to be prepared with plenty of business cards and literature.

9. Product Knowledge

This is perhaps one ofrepparttar 145355 most important marketing tools that you can posses. It is so important to haverepparttar 145356 ability to be able to speak offrepparttar 145357 cuff when asked about a particular product. It sends a clear message torepparttar 145358 customer that you know what you are talking about, andrepparttar 145359 better you knowrepparttar 145360 productrepparttar 145361 more confident you will be. Remember, your client is considering perhapsrepparttar 145362 biggest financial decision they will ever make, they need to trust you and believe in you! Take ten minutes out of every day to learn some ofrepparttar 145363 benefits ofrepparttar 145364 programs your company offers. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you become an expert.

10. Show them your appreciation

Overrepparttar 145365 course ofrepparttar 145366 loan process, it is fair to say that you have built a very good relationship with your customer, and like all relationships you want this one to last. Oncerepparttar 145367 loan is closed, takerepparttar 145368 time to thank them by sending them something to let them know that you appreciate their business. It could be a thank you card, or a small care package. My suggestion would be to send them a small care package, preferably to their work place, this way, all of their fellow employees will want to know who sent it and why, this is a great way to get them talking about you, which could easily lead to lots of referrals.

Jay Conners is the owner of www.jconners.com, a mortgage resource center for mortgage brokers, loan officers, and lenders. He is also the owner of www.callprospect.com, a mortgage lead company, specializing in fresh leads.

The Teamwork Alphabet

Written by Susan Friedmann

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M: Maintain a chain of command. Every staff member needs to know who is in charge. N: New ideas are valuable: Encourage, capture, and implementrepparttar best. O: Open your mind to creative, innovative displays and approaches. P: Plan how to convey essential information and skills to your staff members. Q: Question your staff. What do they know? What do they need to learn? R: Recognizerepparttar 145353 need for training. Ensure your staff is adequately prepared. S: Success is quantifiable. Decide how you will measure yours. T: Time tables and schedules help keeprepparttar 145354 team on track. U: Understand what kind of teamwork will be necessary to put on a top-notch show. V: Vying for prizes motivates many staffers. Offer great rewards as incentives. W: Watch out for trouble: Identify whererepparttar 145355 project can go wrong and plan accordingly. X: Examinerepparttar 145356 decision making process: Is it clear and efficient? Y: Yes men don’t help: Encourage independent, autonomous capable staffers. Z: ZZZZZ: Trade shows are very long. Adequate rest beforerepparttar 145357 show is imperative!

Susan A. Friedmann,CSP, The Tradeshow Coach, author: “Meeting & Event Planning for Dummies,” working with companies to improve their meeting and event success through coaching, consulting and training. For a free copy of ExhibitSmart Tips of the Week, website: http://www.thetradeshowcoach.com

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