101 Uses for Dirty Diapers

Written by David Leonhardt

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Ironically,repparttar only product that does not seem to be onrepparttar 110132 list of end uses is diapers. Roofing shingles, sure. Shoe insoles, yes. But not diapers. As I pondered howrepparttar 110133 world might look ifrepparttar 110134 massive force of dirty diapers was unleashed, it became clear that there could be several big markets. Imaginerepparttar 110135 pitches ...

From Milan and Paris: "Next we have Oo-La-La Picotte strutting her stuff in a lovely ensemble of pure recycled diapers. Noticerepparttar 110136 fashionable fuchsia onrepparttar 110137 upper tilt ofrepparttar 110138 collar. This line will be allrepparttar 110139 rage in parlors and bars this spring."

From Detroit and Tokyo: "Feelrepparttar 110140 energy and invigoration. That'srepparttar 110141 power of 100% pure recycled diapers underrepparttar 110142 hood. Go ahead. Kickrepparttar 110143 tires. Pick your color. And drive away safe inrepparttar 110144 knowledge that you are being protected by 2000 pound of pure recycled baby poop!"

From Los Angeles: "It's a smash hit. Dirty Diapers II: The Recycled Story opened in theatres acrossrepparttar 110145 country yesterday and immediately claimedrepparttar 110146 number one spot. What a movie!"

From New York and Toronto: "This just in. Citizens are being asked NOT to hoard dirty diapers. I repeat, do NOT hoard dirty diapers. The shortage has already slowedrepparttar 110147 economy by three percent and housing starts have ground to a halt. Please take all your dirty diapers immediately to a drop-off depot. This has been a public service announcement."

So what will YOU be doing with your dirty diapers?

David Leonhardt is the Happy Guy, speaker, author, and publisher of "Your Daily Dose of Happiness" at http://www.TheHappyGuy.com/daily-happiness-free-ezine.html. Visit him at http://www.TheHappyGuy.com.

Green or Mean Returns - Investing in the Environment

Written by Freddie Mooche

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Below is a 3-month chart of Greenman Technologies Inc (AMEX: GRN) compared to KBF Pollution management, Inc. (OTCBB: KBFP) andrepparttar Pollution Index (POL).

Looking forrepparttar 110131 Green

First of all, "classifications" can be confusing. GRN is classified as "business services", yet their S&P Company Report classifies them as "capital goods: environmental services" and KBFP is classified as "waste management services".

Trustingrepparttar 110132 numbers is another issue. Market Guide portraysrepparttar 110133 information to be current, yet based on their recent announcements of sales and earnings forrepparttar 110134 3rd quarter ending Sept 30, neither GRN or KBFP's is exact. Data often isn't enough, you have to look deeper to findrepparttar 110135 green.

Clearly both companies are undervalued. Their industry classifications show very high P/E ratios. Makes you think your looking at Microsoft's numbers about 10 years ago. GRN is outperforming its industry average and based on those averages, if it traded equal to its peer grouprepparttar 110136 stock should be priced around $3.50 not $2.00 where it currently trades. KBFP onrepparttar 110137 other hand has an even higher P/E ratio for its industry classification; Market Guide's figures appear to be wrong. KBFP announced on 11/14/02 that its sales had increased 50% forrepparttar 110138 quarter in comparison torepparttar 110139 same period inrepparttar 110140 prior year and its earnings were reported to be $273,508 forrepparttar 110141 period ending compared to $109,700 forrepparttar 110142 previous year! So based on that recent announcement, KBFP is also undervalued. If it traded equal to its peer grouprepparttar 110143 stock should be priced around $0.10 not $0.06 where it currently trades.

Let's examine why Axcess Business News believes these are safe investments. The five year earnings per share growth estimates for GRN's industry classification is 17.67%. Is your sagging portfolio of Telco stocks giving you that? I don't think so! GRN has debt, yet they've been very aggressive in expanding through acquisition and only recently listed torepparttar 110144 AMEX fromrepparttar 110145 OTCBB in September. KBFP's industry classification (5yr earnings per share growth estimates) is 25.93%. We like those kinds of numbers even better.

Both of these green investment companies have been aggressive and showing stellar improvements in their sales and earnings. They both have a lot of debt. But they both have a consistent market and most likely Market Guide's 5-year industry averages are close to reality. Give those 5yr averages a 50% haircut and you've still got a good return. Better thanrepparttar 110146 DJIA, certainly better than money markets or certificates of deposit and there's room for appreciation as both companies are trading about 50% lower than their industry average.

Axcess Business News thinks that KBFP may be onrepparttar 110147 same path as GRN. They too are postured for growth and if they begin to go after acquisitions and list up to AMEX (remember, GRN was onrepparttar 110148 OTCBB) it could easily catch up to its peer group. GRN onrepparttar 110149 other hand has a head start and based on its prior growth investors may see more acquisitions happening.

Axcess Business News will continue to report onrepparttar 110150 activities of these companies for our readers as it's sure to interest investors. Members should watch for an Axcess News Alert in their in-box! If your not a member, consider subscribing now and you can get these great market alerts too!

To view more wall street stories by Freddie Mooche, go to http://wwwtheaxcess.net and subscribe. Its free!

Ms. Mooche is the senior financial columnist for Axcess Business News. She was Senior Analyst with Axiom Capital Corportion prior to becoming a Wall Street columnist and financial journalist. Her columns include, Inside Wall Street and Axcessing The Analysts.

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