1-800-Get-Rich Can Toll Free 800 Number Domains Pay Off?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine © October 28, 2004

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An interesting aspect to toll free numbers as domain names is that of 1-800 copyright and trademarks. Take for example,repparttar well known flower retailer 1-800-FLOWERS.com where they use bothrepparttar 108248 domain name andrepparttar 108249 toll free number. Both are copy- righted and trademarked names and essential torepparttar 108250 business.

Legal precedent allows trademark owners to confiscate domains from "cybersquatters" who buy domain names containing trade- marked or copyrighted words and phrases hoping to sell that domain back torepparttar 108251 trademark holder. But it is less clear an issue when it comes to descriptive toll free and vanity phone numbers. How about 1-800-PINDROP.com - which you would think would be registered to Sprint Communications? Curiously, as of October of 2004, this domain was available. What do they use? www.pindrop.com (withoutrepparttar 108252 800) goes to Sprint.com.

It appears there are wide inconsistencies in using toll free 800 phone numbers as domain names but they can be memorable, which is one measure of a good domain name. They also aren't limiting as to word length. I've always felt it's a bit odd to type in 1800keywordphrase.com as a domain name, but only because there is no hyphen in it. 1800 looks like eighteen hundred and is just as strange as typing 247 for domains as a suggestion they are always open, more often seen as 24/7, but domain names can't have that slash mark in them.

As a matter of fact, I've always disliked numbers of any kind in domain names - especially those using numbers in place ofrepparttar 108253 words "to" (up2me.com)& "for" (good4you.com) But, as owner of http://website101.com I'm at odds withrepparttar 108254 dislike for numbers in domain names. Still, it works better than 1800website.com or 1-800-website.com, both owned by Verio Web Hosting and both purchased in August of 1996, but neither have web sites configured at those addresses. They must not have been a worthwhile domains, yet they keep them.

If it offers you another option for a memorable web address, 800 number domains may be worth considering.

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Choosing Domain Names for Professional Sites: Six Guidelines

Written by Syd Johnson

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Think long term You want a domain name that will last a very long time. If you pick a name that is a slang term or too cutesy, you could find yourself looking for a new name in a year or two. This is notrepparttar best way to proceed. Once you build a certain level of online success,repparttar 108247 traffic will followrepparttar 108248 domain name. You donít want to mess with your brand and your online reputation with redirects and Ďwe have movedí notices. Online customer will buy, but only if your site makes it convenient for them to do so. If you donít see yourself usingrepparttar 108249 same domain name three to four years from now, get a new name before you set up your website.

Trademark Searches Do a trademark search. If you build up your online business and domain name, you donít want to find a court order ordering you to give it up because it belongs to another company. Remember,repparttar 108250 traffic and therefore your sales will followrepparttar 108251 domain name torepparttar 108252 new company.

To do a quick trademark search go torepparttar 108253 United States Patent and Trademark Office (http://www.uspto.gov) for domestic searches andrepparttar 108254 International Trademark Association (http://www.inta.org) for international searches. If your name is cleared, then consider getting a trademark to protect your business.

Tag line Tag lines arerepparttar 108255 work horses ofrepparttar 108256 marketing industry. An interesting, professional tag line can bring you more word of mouth advertising than you can ever buy from a search engine company. It will bring your name into random conversations in newsgroups, newsletters and casual conversations. This can help you save money on paid advertising and createrepparttar 108257 ultimate viral marketing campaign without very little effort.

Keep these six tips handy to brand your domain name and bring in more site traffic.

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