1-2-3 Stretch Your Mind!

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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Maybe it is eating scrambled eggs, salad and pancakes. In that order!

Increasing your brain's fitness is simple. It also requires conscious effort. The latest research shows that in doing so, we can actually grow new dendrites, which arerepparttar connective links that bring forward sharper memory and assist in converting facts into tools we can use.

Here is one simple activity to fire up associations in thinking.

1. Brainstorm random Nouns. That's right: think up People, Places, Things and Ideas. Write each Noun on a small piece of paper, fold it up and putrepparttar 123956 collection into a bowl.

3. Select two Nouns fromrepparttar 123957 bowl.

4. See how many associations you can make fromrepparttar 123958 Nouns you have chosen.

Katherine and I followed up our Brain Exercising Buffet with this association game.

We chose "Charleyana (our Family Chevy Astrovan)" and "Eyes".

Here are our first two associations:

1. Both have a "window" through which we can seerepparttar 123959 world. 2. Each takes its owner on incredible journeys. 3. Both may need occasional assistance from a professional to work well.

What connections can you identify?

How is this exercise useful beyond stretching your brain?

1. It increases your laser focus which in turn has an exponential effect on your creative powers.

2. Solutions are more easily created.

3. Product Development is more rapid as you see new avenues to pursue. The result of this is more income and assets.

4. It becomes natural to make choices more quickly and effectively which can have a positive impact upon your personal finances, your artistic endeavors, athletic abilities, even relationships may improve through looking from different perspectives birthed through surprising associations.

From now on, commit to keeping your brain muscle flexed. Playrepparttar 123960 association game one day with at least two or three friends or family members. On another day, mix up your meal through bothrepparttar 123961 menu planning and where you eat your dinner. For example, if you normally eat in your kitchen, have a picnic onrepparttar 123962 living room floor or out onrepparttar 123963 porch.

Not only will you thoroughly enjoy it, your brain will benefit as well.

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months. To subscribe to her newest ezine, Daily Passion Activator, the Little Ezine with the Powerful impact send a blank email DailyPassionActivator-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or via web: http://www.5passions.com to subscribe today.

Turning NMA to PMA

Written by Lisa van den Berg

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Inrepparttar book they identify NMA as feelings of frustration, depression, defensiveness, self-pity, anger etc. I have come across so many people who consciously try to steer their thoughts in a positive direction, but don't seem to 'see'repparttar 123955 underlying little voice as a strong product of NMA.

I used to get frustrated and seem to be hitting my head against a brick wall, no matter how hard I tried. I got depressed when things went wrong and nothing seemed to be going where I thought it should. Now, I can 'see' that this isrepparttar 123956 NMA side of my talisman sneaking in while I'm not concentrating onrepparttar 123957 PMA side.

There is a strong quote inrepparttar 123958 book that says, "Direct your thoughts, Control your emotions and Ordain your destiny".

I used to be resistant to 'giving up control' of my life. Turning it over to God andrepparttar 123959 Universe. I now know that taking control, by giving it over to God andrepparttar 123960 Universe isrepparttar 123961 ultimate form of control you can have over your passage through Life.

I urge you to

Direct your thoughts Control your emotions and Ordain your destiny.


Lisa van den Berg is the author of ‘Alleviate Stress – 11 Simple and Easy Ways to Transform Your Life!’ Take the free online Stress Test at http://www.Alleviate-Stress.com/web/ar12 to see how much stress you’re under and why you need to do something about it right now!

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