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Buying a home? Do your homework online first!

Written by Jo Wintour

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Advanced property websites, such as primelocation.com (http://www.primelocation.com/local-area-guides/) have a section withinrepparttar site dedicated to local information. Their guides provide area maps and detailed information aboutrepparttar 150185 local facilities, down to schools and local plumbers and cinemas. Country guides are also provided for international properties.

Google has exploited interest towards property location and as a result have created Google Maps (http://maps.google.co.uk/). Google’s recent mapping service has received a tremendous response. In fact, mapping technology today has become so widely adopted, it could be likened torepparttar 150186 popularity of other web-based services such as online shopping. Bret Taylor,repparttar 150187 product manager for Google Maps states “''We certainly can't think of allrepparttar 150188 innovative things we can do with maps. 'We know there are a lot of things we haven't thought of yet. There's already sort of an ad hoc community out there using Maps, and this really formalizes it."

It is likely that such online services will make things easier for those wishing to get ontorepparttar 150189 property ladder; with innovations in technology stretching expectations of information provision and empowering home-buyers to understandrepparttar 150190 context of their investment.

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