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Fish Out of Water

Written by Dr. Randy Wysong

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Though it seems presumptuous to suggest that we, here, now in this generation are unique in all of history,repparttar evidence supports that we are. We are a pivotal generation that can either turn things around or continue to fuel a degrading environmental/health spiral that soon, if unaltered by us, will continue in spite of any efforts we make later to change things. Scary? Yes, indeed. But we need to get scared if that's what it takes to wake up. We are, without a doubt, a very special generation withrepparttar 149143 weight ofrepparttar 149144 world's future literally on our shoulders. Don't despair. You, yes little ole puny you, can do much. Everything ever done always began with one. Act onrepparttar 149145 things you know to be right, healthy, socially responsible, and environmentally sensitive. Yes, you. Yes, now. Yes, there is no downside in doing so. *Further Reading: The Wysong Optimal Health Program™ What Does Our Genetic Program Say We Should Eat? The Archetypal Diet Genetic Context – The Fundamental Key to Health Look atrepparttar 149146 Big Picture Be a Thinking Person Do Not Let Technology Think for You Stay Open to Learning – Every Day Man – The Apex Predator Humans Are Not Too Puny to Remodelrepparttar 149147 Whole Planet Ozone Marks Environmental Threats Using Intelligence in Food Choices Are We Healthier? Scale of Change We Can Make a Difference Savingrepparttar 149148 Environment Time Compression Lamentingrepparttar 149149 Foods of Old The Wysong Directory of Alternative Resources Prevention/Therapy Guide

Dr. Wysong is author of seven books on health, nutrition, philosophy and origin of life. He is director of the non-profit Wysong Instute and author of the Wysong e-Health Newsletter (free on-line) now in its 18th year of continuous publication. wysong@wysong.net http://www.wysong.net

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