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Written by Raymond Klesc

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Global Value Connect is pleased to announce that shopping for T1 has never been easier. Using ShopforT1 you can now obtain T1 price comparisons quickly and easily through our patent pending real-time unbiased online quote engine called GeoQuote. After answering a few simple questions a member of our sales team will then follow up with you to discussrepparttar details of your T1 connection, confirm pricing and assist you withrepparttar 107940 signup process.

To get comparison pricing for your T1 service or fractional T1 service go to our web site and click on our link for "T1 Dedicated" or copy and pasterepparttar 107941 following url into your browser ( http://www.globalvalueconnect.com/Shop4T1.htm ).

Global Value Connect ( http://www.globalvalueconnect.com ) has been providing the best value in telecommunication products and services for the home or office since 1995. If you want to cut your telephone bill in half register today for our free eBook entitled "Telephone Bill Saving Tips for Home and Office;" it is available at: http://www.globalvalueconnect.com/Saving_Tips.htm

How To Get An Instant Response To Your Urgent EMail!

Written by Valerie Mills

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Here's an example:

Hi Notina:

I hope your day is turning out better than mine -- I can't find last week's budget file.

I looked inrepparttar e/budgets/weekly folder, but it's not there.

Please let me knowrepparttar 107939 entire path torepparttar 107940 budget file dated 8-05-02.

You know I'll owe you a coffee tomorrow when I see you inrepparttar 107941 cafe.

Thanks very much,

Ima Desperate Idesperate@ohwell.com X6502

3. Leave your name, e-mail address, and phone number(s) atrepparttar 107942 end ofrepparttar 107943 e-mail. This may sound obvious, but sometimes, even with an electronic signature, key contact information is missing. Remember, you want to make it easy for e-mail recipients to communicate inrepparttar 107944 mode most comfortable for them.

4. Emphasizerepparttar 107945 urgency. Convey URGENCY inrepparttar 107946 body ofrepparttar 107947 message or in a postscript. Better still, if you infrequently send mail atrepparttar 107948 High Importance level, use it or its equivalent in your messaging system. In Microsoft Outlook, High Importance highlightsrepparttar 107949 received e-mail with a red exclamation point. I would send Notina’s e-mail marked High Importance.

So, you’ve written an attention-getting headline. You’ve written a short, urgent message. You've answered that all-important recipient quesion "WIIFM". And, you left sufficient contact information. Now, hitrepparttar 107950 SEND button and expect a very quick response.

Copyright 2005 by Valerie Mills

Valerie Mills (http://v.mills.home.att.net) is a sales copywriter specializing in direct mail and web advertising. She has written sales letters, web pages, and brochures for the finance, self-help, and technology areas. Using her background and experience as an educator and corporate trainer, Valerie has also written several articles and an ebook for parents. Contact Valerie at parents@teachyourkidsaboutmoney.com

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