'The Simple thngs in Life'

Written by mark.j.stevens

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Then there was another scream from my living room, my friend was jumping around I came in quietly and Liverpool had scored. It was Steven Gerrard,repparttar change in tactic had worked, Liverpool seemed more up for this game now andrepparttar 141798 players looked different somehow but Milan remained confident then two minutes laterrepparttar 141799 game turned on its head,repparttar 141800 ball was played to Vladimir Smicer and he drilledrepparttar 141801 ball home from 20 yards and Liverpool where back inrepparttar 141802 game, I came running intorepparttar 141803 room screaming with joy at what had just happen. The air was electric once more, I could not leaverepparttar 141804 living room and all of a suddenrepparttar 141805 game changed again. The Milan players looked shell shocked because within a few minutes Liverpool was on level terms. Gerrard dashed intorepparttar 141806 Milan’s penalty box and was fouled. It was a certain penalty, at this point I was on my knees yelling atrepparttar 141807 ceiling. I am sure my neighbours could hear everything. Even my friend was jumping for joy shouting, I told you, I told you!!! She was right! She proved one thing to me and that was allrepparttar 141808 Soccer Pundits and I knew nothing about Football! Could they do it, could they actually win this match? No team had ever come back from three goals down to win a Champions League Final. I had to stop cooking at that point and told her that dinner will just have to wait and so we drank more wine and watchedrepparttar 141809 rest ofrepparttar 141810 match with our hearts in our mouths. It seemed that both of us had turns in screaming atrepparttar 141811 TV and this would continue right up until that now famous Jerzy Dudek ‘Hand of God’ save which denied Shevchenkorepparttar 141812 winner for Milan inrepparttar 141813 dying seconds of extra time. We were both quiet and I had my head in my hands at that moment…The referee blew for full time andrepparttar 141814 game was over. At that point I had to get up and walk aroundrepparttar 141815 house, nervous like hell! I walked back intorepparttar 141816 living room, listening torepparttar 141817 commentator remarking about how Liverpool had won on a penalty shoot out against Roma in 1984 and our goalkeeper atrepparttar 141818 time Bruce Grobballar saved two penalties by putting offrepparttar 141819 Roma players as much as he could and now it had almost seemed like deja vous. Who would berepparttar 141820 villain and who would berepparttar 141821 hero, it was now a lottery! I needed more wine so I opened up another bottle, my friend could not drink no more she was just adamant that Liverpool would win. She remarked, look atrepparttar 141822 Milan Players they don’t look happy! I had a look and noticedrepparttar 141823 same thing!They seem beaten beforerepparttar 141824 first spot kick. She was right, our goalkeeper did everything he could to put off Milan’s first spot kick taker Serginho and it worked! He missed, blazingrepparttar 141825 ball high overrepparttar 141826 bar. It was our turn next and I was not worried because it was our Germany International Dietmar Hamann and as predicted he scored. I was calm but still nervous, it was their turn once more, surely they would score but once again Jerzy Dudek’s antics onrepparttar 141827 goal line didrepparttar 141828 job and he saved very easily. We would be now 2-0 up if French International Striker Djibril Cisse would score and after suffering a broken Leg and missing most ofrepparttar 141829 season he shows his class and calmly placedrepparttar 141830 ball torepparttar 141831 right of Milan’s Goalkeeper Dida’s goal giving him no chance. It was in our hands now, just two more spots kicks and we would be Champions of Europe. Kaka would score from his spot kick...then our hearts were in our mouths when our left mid-fielder John Arne Riise missed his spot kick, it was now 2-1 but still in our favour and before we knew it, Danish international Jon Dahl Tomasson made it 2-2. So up steppedrepparttar 141832 Czech Striker Vladimir Smicer, playing probably his last game for Liverpool FC and his best game ever in my mind forrepparttar 141833 team, he calmly slottedrepparttar 141834 ball pastrepparttar 141835 goalkeeper to make it 3-2 to us…My friend and I was so tense,repparttar 141836 room was silent apart fromrepparttar 141837 TV. Then Milan’s leading goal scorer stepped up torepparttar 141838 plate, Andriy Shevchenko,repparttar 141839 man who was deniedrepparttar 141840 winner beforerepparttar 141841 end of extra time. As he approached Dudek threw himrepparttar 141842 ball, he look anxious and nervous and did not look confident. Somehow I knew he would miss and he did…For a split second my heart had stopped and I sanked to my knees and just started to scream with ecstasy, my dream had come true,repparttar 141843 Players dreams were for filled! My football team had won. Life could not be any better…I was emotionally drained by it all and was sure allrepparttar 141844 people inrepparttar 141845 stadium,repparttar 141846 viewers and allrepparttar 141847 millions of people aroundrepparttar 141848 world were too. My friend and I were just hugging each other and kissing. I kept saying, that its time to get drunk and forgetting that I was suppose to be cooking dinner forrepparttar 141849 both of us! So we continued to watchrepparttar 141850 rest ofrepparttar 141851 coverage onrepparttar 141852 box and as Steven Gerrard liftedrepparttar 141853 trophy andrepparttar 141854 commentator shouted out ‘Liverpool Are Kings of Europe’ a tear came to my eyes. In that moment I was in wonderland just like those players. As far as I was concerned they were Legends now no matter what they did forrepparttar 141855 rest of their lives, from this moment on they would always remember and treasure. I started to also think about all those who had lost their lives going to see Liverpool play, allrepparttar 141856 disasters that had occurred during football matches. My heart went out to them…its moments like this that makes it possible to see just why football is so important torepparttar 141857 man and woman onrepparttar 141858 street. We relate to it in so many ways. We support our teams because we choose to and win, lose or draw allrepparttar 141859 emotions that this sport and allrepparttar 141860 other sports may muster are worth it for moments like these. So when it was all over and as I tried to figure out what had just happened, one thing dawned on me and that was it’srepparttar 141861 Simple things in Life that I cherishrepparttar 141862 most and watching my team play is one of them.


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Mini Moto Madness!

Written by Matt Tong

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Despiterepparttar size of these little wonders adults are getting them for their kids but more commonly, for themselves. Normal models can regularly go 35mph, all though parents can set them to max out at much slower speeds or … modify them to go faster. Moreover, models with more powerful engines are available. A GRC RX with 15hp 50cc engine by GRC Moto can be purchased for a mere £1999. The Mini Moto explosion shows no signs of ending anytime soon and MM racing leagues have been in practice inrepparttar 141542 UK for around seven years now.

The Mini Moto Racing Association offersrepparttar 141543 following categories for you to test your Mini Moto.

Junior Lights (4.2 hp) Age 6 - 15 up to 35.9 Kg Junior Cadets (4.2 hp) Age 6 - 15 over 36 Kg Junior Production Age 9 - 15 no weight limits Lightweight Production Age 16 + up to 74.9 Kg Senior Production Age 16 + over 75 Kg 4.2 Senior Age 16 + no weight limits Supers Age 16 + no weight limits

Race meeting are held around torepparttar 141544 country at Go Kart and Mini Moto Tracks. There are also many ‘Arrive and Drive’ practice sessions hosted by tracks aroundrepparttar 141545 UK.

Matt Tong has been riding and importing Mini Motos for over two years. For expert help and advice please visit http://www.minimotosandmore.com

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