'The Last of the American Hoboes' Movie Reviews-Commentary

Written by Gary Revel

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they would put a mark near a house that was friendly to hoboes torepparttar story of Hal Jon Norman-Actor and how he lost his leg while trying to jump on a moving train as a youth. A Juddy Phillips produced soundtrackrepparttar 109989 best cut being 'Like A Hobo Should' by Gary Revel also tracks by: The Chapparral Brothers, Wayne Storm, Brian Mark and sounds fromrepparttar 109990 street andrepparttar 109991 hobo jungle brought by Hobo Actor Journalist The Nobel 'Kid' Chissel, Mike DeTemple, and The Salvation Army Band. The movie is rare and collectible. I saw it at a screening many years ago and bought one ofrepparttar 109992 soundtrack albums at a garage sale. The soundtrack album cover-photography by Ken Berg folds out and is a unique collectible in it's own right. Insiderepparttar 109993 cover it says, "A Judy Russell Gary Revel Byron Spears Movement". The song credits show that Gary Revel wrote and or performed on about half ofrepparttar 109994 cuts onrepparttar 109995 album. I remember Titus Moody produced and directed. The movie premiered inrepparttar 109996 late 1970's atrepparttar 109997 Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa. An enjoyable entertaining film.

Gary Revel was born in 1949 and is married to Linda Revel. They live in the Los Angeles area and have 6 children and 8 grandchildren. Gary is currently working on bringing his story of his investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. to the movie screen.

Jumping to Mobile Gaming

Written by Richard Hsu

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Here are few more things to keep in mind:

When choosing mobile games at a mobile gaming site, make sure thatrepparttar games you like are compatible with your cell phone. It is a good idea to check for a compatibility chart available fromrepparttar 109988 mobile gaming site from which you will purchase your downloads. (See a compatibility chart at eWirelessGames.com)

You must also knowrepparttar 109989 limits of your cell phone's built-in memory. Find out how many games you can download. Typically, you can download about 5-6 games, depending on your cell phone model, and you must remove your existing games before you can download additional games.

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Enjoy your mobile gaming!

Richard Hsu is a wireless gaming enthusiast and manager at eWirelessGames.com.

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