'Success Stories - 12 Doers Share Their Secrets'

Written by Martin Avis

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Paypal also let you have funds deposited directly into your account. I have used them for about two years and found them very helpful.

Another problem is trying to allow forrepparttar differences in language and culture. I try to Americanize my spellings, but sometimes words and phrases creep in that cause problems.

I remember I was talking about a boot in one of my pages in reference to a car and I got quite a few comments. A car boot in Australia is what Americans callrepparttar 125561 trunk.

The secret is to see problems as opportunities for success. If you can overcome them then you have a great tool to sell to people in your specific country. I am starting to do a lot more consulting because of what I have learnt. I think it is important to remember that your Internet business will build skills in you that are very saleable.

BizE-zine: I notice that your site is geared strongly forrepparttar 125562 Australian market, with pricing in AU$. Does this, do you think, restrict you, or is it a successful niche?

QB: Although we are now an International business, withrepparttar 125563 introduction of Worldpay, I am still trying to keep an Australian feel and culture torepparttar 125564 business as lots of people seem to likerepparttar 125565 more relaxed atmosphere. We have a lot to offer.

BizE-zine: How long did it take you to start making a profit?

QB: Because I developed my own products and web sites I was in profit almost straight away. You see I have had a shift in my thinking. I was bought up to believe that you needed real estate and lots of money to make money. Since I started working onrepparttar 125566 Internet this whole way of thinking has changed.

BizE-zine: I'm certain that like most of us you are an avid reader of ebooks and courses. Which have beenrepparttar 125567 most helpful to you?

QB: I'm almost embarrassed at how much I have bought. I was reading your interview with Jim Wilson and like him I have almost two hard drives full of ebooks and courses.

Inrepparttar 125568 early days I believed any email that told me I could make thousands from nothing down and nothing a month. Unfortunately this has not proved to berepparttar 125569 case and in most instances these companies are not around any more.

One company I joined back in those early days was called LEAP, run by Janet Wilson. It is now revamped and called Empowerism. It probably taught me more about online business than any other program.

Running a close second would have to be The Warrior site. One other business that has influenced me a lot is Sixfigureincome.com. I have been an affiliate for nearly two years. They have consistently sent me information when others have dropped off.

Finally I guess Eva Almeida of www.ebooksnbytes.com has been a real inspiration. As I have mainly been involved in digital publication I appreciate her site and support.

BizE-zine: What has been your most successful tactic for generating traffic?

QB: Traffic generation is a tricky topic. My experience is that you need a balanced approach. If you make sure you control and track your marketing and try out everything, you learn what works for you. Then you can target your efforts.

I try anything to generate traffic. Lately, I have been advertising in local papers. There are so many new people looking for an Internet business at present, who do not get emails, that you need to target them in a different way. I give away a free ebook on disk in petrol stations and libraries, I have developed a free ebook all about Brisbane and give it to local restaurants and tourist centers.

The secret is to be different and develop your own unique way of driving traffic to your site. Your readers may like to look at our book on Brisbane. It really is a very simple concept anyone can do for their specific area. Just go online and find allrepparttar 125570 local businesses and services that are online and offer them a copy. Make it as generic as possible and offer to customize it for them. Download your copy from http://www.msincome.com/books/brisbane.exe

BizE-zine: What has been your biggest mistake?

QB: The biggest mistake I have made is not believing in myself enough when I started out.

BizE-zine: Which software packages do you use to help you run your business?

QB: One I couldn't do without is Front Page 2000. I can make changes and update my site in a matter of minutes and then just click a button and it instantly becomes live.

I also use an old version of Paint Shop Pro which is easy to use. For my covers I use Compactdraw and my mailings I use Aurate.

BizE-zine: Do you have any plans to expand your online business, and if so, how?

QB: Always! My desire has always been to help Australians to develop local work. I am releasing a subscription site early this year to help them accomplish this and share my experiences and skills. Later inrepparttar 125571 year we will open this up torepparttar 125572 International market. There are more and more businesses looking at developing new strategies that there is almost an unlimited potential to start a business in any field you are interested in.

We have some local Aborigines that have a site that sell didgeridoos. These are unique Australian native musical instruments and we have been using their affiliate program to sell torepparttar 125573 Japanese. There really is no telling what will be available inrepparttar 125574 next few years.

I am always developing new ebooks and spend most of my time writing and developing new products or helping people with their dreams.

BizE-zine: What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is just planning to start out?

QB: The most important advice I can give to someone just starting out, no matter where you live, is passion. When everything is falling in around you and you are so frustrated because nothing seems to be happening you need something inside to keep you going and this is passion.

It's got torepparttar 125575 stage now that if I never made another dime I would keep doing what I am doing because I have grown to love meeting new people and seeing allrepparttar 125576 different ideas that are being generated every day. So many ofrepparttar 125577 home based businesses have much more going for them thanrepparttar 125578 large corporate sites. The service is better and you can actually talk to someone and get advice.

To misquoterepparttar 125579 advertising campaign for Australia's Northern Territory: "You'll never never know if you never never (have a) go!"

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