'Palmistry for Fun and Profit' - A Remarkable Ebook Review

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

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Additionally, Palmistry for Fun and Profit elaborates on how palmistry aptitude can be transformed into a lucrative business; and explains how to transition your acquired knowledge and practiced expertise into profit.

I would recommend Palmistry for Fun and Profit to individuals who are seeking a broader vision to their life purpose; and to those interested in turning their palmistry skills into a self-employed occupation.

To order his book or to learn more about Palmistry for Fun and Profit, feel free to peruse Mr. Per Hogseth's website at www.profitablepalmistry.com/ or you may contact Mr. Hogset for even more valuable information at: Teglverksstunet 5c, 7048 Trondheim, Norway or via phone/email at: (011) 47 73 91 69 96 / pehogset@online.no

About Per Hogset: Mr. Hogset is a professional palm reader, who at a young age, had an intuitive knack for magic and even hypnosis. A native of Norway, Per has extensive wisdom and practice of palm reading, and is currently teaching private courses. In addition, he frequents seminars where he is a professional speaker and provides consultations for many psychic associations in Norway. Today, he still practices private readings for clients, and sometimes renders magic performances.

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Written by John Cali

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This isrepparttar part of your calendar year when some of your societies onrepparttar 122230 earth plane set aside a time, a day, dedicated to giving thanks. “Thanksgiving,” you’ve named it inrepparttar 122231 country you callrepparttar 122232 United States.

This is a good thing. The idea to set aside a time of thanks-giving was indeed a divinely inspired one. And there is a firm spiritual foundation underlying, if you will,repparttar 122233 “giving of thanks.” It is what you might call a universal law. We shall call it, for today's discussion,repparttar 122234 Law of Gratitude.

Another law ofrepparttar 122235 Universe goes something like this: You get what you focus your time and energy on. It’s calledrepparttar 122236 Law of Attraction. If you focus mostly on lack and limitation, those are what you experience in your life. If you focus mostly on abundance and prosperity, you will, you must, experience those in your life. It'srepparttar 122237 law! And it's your choice. You get to choose whether to userepparttar 122238 laws ofrepparttar 122239 Universe for or against yourself.

And so,repparttar 122240 giving of thanks,repparttar 122241 expression of gratitude, is a truly magical tool. A tool you have, literally, atrepparttar 122242 tip of your tongue. You would be hard-pressed to say there is nothing in your life you can be thankful for.

Sit down and make a list, if that will help you remember allrepparttar 122243 good things, allrepparttar 122244 abundance, you have in your life right now. Think aboutrepparttar 122245 clothes you wear,repparttar 122246 food you eat,repparttar 122247 roof you sleep under,repparttar 122248 money you have (even though you may want more),repparttar 122249 loving and supportive family and friends you are blessed with.

Give thanks forrepparttar 122250 many blessings you already have in your life, and they will increase. They must increase. It'srepparttar 122251 law ofrepparttar 122252 Universe.

Make every day of your life Thanksgiving, a day of giving thanks torepparttar 122253 Great Spirit, torepparttar 122254 Universe, to your guides, teachers, and angels. And also thank your higher self,repparttar 122255 one who, after all, helped you (the human “you”) create allrepparttar 122256 abundance you already have in your lives.

And, byrepparttar 122257 way, thankrepparttar 122258 human you too. You are all beings of great wisdom and courage. And we applaud your brave willingness to incarnate at this time in your planet’s history. A tumultuous time in many ways, but also a grand and glorious time to remember who you truly are. Your courage uplifts all, in your physical world and in our non-physical world. Your energy extends torepparttar 122259 farthest reaches ofrepparttar 122260 Universe, and uplifts all that is. That is how powerful you are, individually and together.

Giving thanks, expressing heartfelt gratitude, every day of your lives (even if only for a few moments each day) will indeed bring you rich rewards beyond your highest and wildest expectations and dreams.

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Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

Email john@greatwesternpublishing.org Website www.greatwesternpublishing.org Free newsletter at chiefjoseph-on@mail-list.com Private readings with Chief Joseph at readings@greatwesternpublishing.org

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