'Joke' Mail

Written by Joe Bingham

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I got one recently that said, "For Women Only". If it's for women only, well, then, why did you send it to me?

Then there was, "Are You Lonely Tonight?" Huh! I'm married with four kids, what do you think?

Oh, and I love these, "You've Just Earned a Commission!" Really? So, I've never even heard of you Mister, what was it, pc49837? And you're going to send me money? Wow!

The best, of course, arerepparttar ones supposedly from some 'official' in one Asian country or another that is planning to escape torepparttar 109700 United States only he needs help transferring his $476 million 'escape' funds. All he needs is my bank account information and I can keep 40% ofrepparttar 109701 $476 million.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I love it! This is better entertainment than even I can write !

Oh, and how aboutrepparttar 109702 ones that just say 'from Bobby' or some other name. Then inside it has links for 12 different things. No explanation, just links. Hey Bobby, just curious, you making any money?

Another funny thing is whenrepparttar 109703 email containsrepparttar 109704 addresses ofrepparttar 109705 other 20000 people that gotrepparttar 109706 mailing, andrepparttar 109707 opening line ofrepparttar 109708 text says something like, "Exclusive Opportunity!"

Really? Apparently you've taken it upon yourself to redefinerepparttar 109709 term 'exclusive'.

I don't know. I just don't know. If you've got to send email to people about your opportunities, fine do it. Send me something relevant to what I'm doing and I might just read it, even if it is unsolicited.

However, I'm a busy man. I get a lot of relevant email as it is. It can be too much sometimes even. All I'm saying here is that non- targeted advertising is a complete waste of time and money.

I'm a 31 year old, American male who likesrepparttar 109710 outdoors,repparttar 109711 Internet, has four kids, and a wife. If you send me email about erectile dysfunction, British opera, gay rights parades, or sushi houses, you're NOT going to get a response!

I believe that's fair, don't you?

Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletters Subscribe to One 3 Quality NetPlay Ezines, See which one fits you at: http://www.netplaynewsletters.com

Are YOU Addicted to Email?

Written by Kurt Geer

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* Set certain times ofrepparttar day to check your email - 3 times max morning, noon and night.( If you are checking every 5 minutes delay it and try to make it 10 and then 15. If you get overrepparttar 109699 first urge you can make it.)

* If you feelrepparttar 109700 urge to check your email, get up and take a break from your PC station, exercise and walk around.

* Set up your email program's filters to put your email in certain folders and systematically go through your folders 1 at a time starting withrepparttar 109701 important ones first.

* Set up your email program with your sig files, ads and other templates you use to make it easier and faster withrepparttar 109702 time you spend on reading and writing email. Make you emails short and torepparttar 109703 point. If you do most of your marketing by email set up blocks of time to get it done.

* If you need to, completely shut off your email program when you are working on important projects. Cold Turkey is sometimesrepparttar 109704 best and quickest way to break habits. And remember, when habits hurt YOU change them.

Kurt Geer If you've been surfing 7 days, 7 months or 7 years (70 years? Your name must be Al Gore) You'll find something of value at http://NewbiesNet.com.

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