'Bridging the Gap' - A Novel Review

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/Lady Camelot

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In conclusion - persons who are actively seeking solutions to personal growth, life fulfillment and understanding to metaphysical realms and their interrelation torepparttar Divine; Bridgingrepparttar 122275 Gap is a must-have book.

To learn more about Scott Christansen or his book, Bridgingrepparttar 122276 Gap go to www.ConnectwithScott.com/ Bridgingrepparttar 122277 Gap is also available at local bookstores.

Bridgingrepparttar 122278 Gap - A Novel Review by C. Bailey-Lloyd/Lady Camelot Public Relations' Director & Staff Writer www.HolisticJunction.com www.MediaPositiveRadio.com

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C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. LadyCamelot Public Relations' Director & Staff Writer www.HolisticJunction.com www.MediaPositiveRadio.com

The use of candles can assist us in leading healthier lives.

Written by Universal Psychic Guild

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It is duringrepparttar practice of Candle magic that we can divertrepparttar 122274 conscious mind and contactrepparttar 122275 sub conscious mind which allows you to focus on those things we wish to manifest. Many people use candle magic as a method to obtain financial security, find that fulfilling relationship, learning to love and heal yourself and others and obtaining some direction on your spiritual path.

By focussing your thoughts on torepparttar 122276 burning candle you can manifest all of your desires. When you learn to still our minds and focus on that which you desire you begin to activaterepparttar 122277 sub-conscious to commencerepparttar 122278 process of attracting your wish to you.

Remember that thoughts produce action and if you apply your thoughts in a negative fashion you can manifest negative results. A simple rule with thought projection is this:

Use negative thoughts forrepparttar 122279 intention of hurting another or usingrepparttar 122280 it for evil purposes and you can be assured that it will come back to you two fold.

Find out more about using Candles for Magic atrepparttar 122281 Universal Psychic Guild. www.PsychicGuild.com

The Universal Psychic Guild is a world wide organisation dedicated to assisting people grow spiritually and offers information on a whole range of free spiritual topics

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