“You must play by the rules”

Written by graham and julie

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If, people like you had stuck torepparttar rules women would still be living a restricted life. If, people like you had stuck torepparttar 136767 rules men and women would still be living together in a ‘pretend marriage´ rather than facerepparttar 136768 facts that their relationship doesn’t work. School children would still be passive and expected to repeat everythingrepparttar 136769 teacher said. Divorced women would still be shunned by society. There would still be a lack of opportunity forrepparttar 136770 have nots to develop their abilities.

When you look around you can see many successful people who didn’t conform torepparttar 136771 rules.

Imagine Dali sticking torepparttar 136772 rules. Would you go to see his art?

Imagine if Elvis Presley had stayed withinrepparttar 136773 rules. Where would we be now?

Henry Ford brokerepparttar 136774 rules and produced cars on a production line.

Bill Gates brokerepparttar 136775 rules by believing that every household could have a computer.

Steve Jobs brokerepparttar 136776 rules and gave usrepparttar 136777 Apple.

Martin Luther King brokerepparttar 136778 rules and gave us a different way of living.

Just stop for a minute. Think of someone, either alive or dead, you admire.

What is it about them you like?

When we did this, allrepparttar 136779 people in our list had tremendous courage. They all stood up for what they believed in. They all brokerepparttar 136780 accepted rules ofrepparttar 136781 day to give us a better world to live in.

In our experience rule bound behaviour stifles growth. Rule bound behaviour stiflesrepparttar 136782 individual.

Are you a person who plays byrepparttar 136783 rules or are you living by your values and makingrepparttar 136784 world a better place to live in?

Good Luck

Graham and Julie www.desktop-meditation.com

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Path to Prosperity

Written by Prem Nirmal

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Step: 3: Creating Positive personal Law: Oncerepparttar re-scripting is done, it is easy to create new positive personal law. In this case, “I’m poor” will change to “I’m here to create abundance”. Once such positive focus is created, it is to be energized repeatedly, for it to become permanent. Whatever we focus upon GROWS! Once we createrepparttar 136697 positive personal law and focus upon it, it keeps growing.

This process clearly indicates that it is very important to keep watch on our thoughts. It is important to know what we are constantly giving power to on mental level. http://www.premnirmal.com/shop.htm One ofrepparttar 136698 simple exercises is to review our daily thoughts just before going to sleep. Try to recognizerepparttar 136699 patterns. You will be surprised to seerepparttar 136700 same patterns repeating in form of different thoughts. Once you do this exercise on regular basis, it will be easier for you to recognize and relate a thought to an old pattern, which has become a personal law for you. The moment you become aware of it, followrepparttar 136701 above-mentioned steps to re-scriptrepparttar 136702 same and you have createdrepparttar 136703 positive personal law for you!

We can do a small exercise to build our re-scripting muscles.
1. My income is less. 1. I have a fantastic opportunity to increase my income!
2. I am not a good public speaker.  
3. My old habits are not conducive to my growth. 
4. I am highly stressed out and not able to achieve any thing.  
5. My relationships are not working.  
6. My survival is atrepparttar 136704 stack.  
7. I have no energy left to do anything.  
8. Nobody loves me. I’m lonely.  
9. I’m not able to express myself. 

Prem Nirmal, http://www.premnirmal.com/ a postgraduate in Cybernetics has done extensive research in the areas of Stress Management, Intuition development, Aura Reading and Meditation Therapy. He is the visiting faculty to various Management Institutes & professional keynote speaker for many social events.

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