“Mommy, I Can’t Sleep!”: Sleep Disturbance in Children

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

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Sleep in its natural form isrepparttar only way our bodies can re-charge. Beyond resting, sleep serves many functions including memory preservation. If your child is not receivingrepparttar 141676 quality and quantity of sleep that is required (typically 8-12 hours each night is optimal),repparttar 141677 toll can be enormous. Performance in school, interacting with others and activities of daily living may diminish in quality. The origins of a sleep disturbance may range from anxiety tied to emotional conflicts, such as fear of an upcoming test or excitement over a speaking part inrepparttar 141678 school play, to medical issues such as apnea. It is important thatrepparttar 141679 underlying issue be addressed, no matterrepparttar 141680 source, to resolverepparttar 141681 sleep disturbance and give your child their best shot at life.

Remember always to take into account where your child is in their developmental stage, because some sleep issues are age-appropriate. If you have exhaustedrepparttar 141682 suggestions listed above, then possiblyrepparttar 141683 need for professional intervention is warranted. You arerepparttar 141684 expert when it comes to your child and their sleep patterns. If you have a concern, trust your instinct and seek professional advice.

Dr. Charles Sophy currently serves as Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. He also has a private psychiatry practice in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Charles Sophy, author of the “Keep ‘Em Off My Couch” blog, provides real simple answers for solving life’s biggest problems. To contact Dr. Sophy, visit his blog at http://drsophy.com.

Wine and Dine Them

Written by Bob Bassett

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Champagne and wine gift baskets start at under $50 and can range to $300 or more. Atrepparttar less expensive end ofrepparttar 141654 spectrum, generally they include a bottle of wine or champagne, chocolate or other food item, and possibly a stuffed toy, corkscrew or other small item. More extravagant baskets may contain a variety of gourmet goodies in addition torepparttar 141655 wine.

A wine gift basket is a simple and elegant gift that complements every occasion. The recipient is sure to appreciate both your taste andrepparttar 141656 thought that went into selecting such a personal gift.

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