“If RSS is the Yahoo backdoor, is a Blog Google’s?”

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

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And yes, you should still make sure your blog meets allrepparttar basic search engine optimization guidelines when you set it up. However,repparttar 128263 very nature of a blog makes it easier to meet more of these requirements with less continual struggle.

Let’s look atrepparttar 128264 facts, and see how blogs align themselves more closely with one of Google’s purposes as a search engine.

We know that

1- if you get your site’s link inrepparttar 128265 path ofrepparttar 128266 search engine spider or robot of your choice, in this case Googlebot, that crawls aroundrepparttar 128267 web looking for information if may follow it. (Even when you submit your site and wait, what you’re waiting for it so get your site spidered.)

2-repparttar 128268 way to get it to followrepparttar 128269 link is to make sure it can “see” your link

3- if your content fills a need thatrepparttar 128270 search engine’s database of links has, it will include it, and,

4- if your link fills a deficit better than any other site, in accordance with Google’s secret formula or algorithm, it will rank your page well.

So now,repparttar 128271 only missing component necessary to our success is now finding out how to berepparttar 128272 best site Google finds for a category that has a deficit.

One ofrepparttar 128273 strengths of Google, as perceived by people who like it, isrepparttar 128274 vast amount of fresh content it contains that is relevant to almost any topic, or keyword, typed into it, no matter how narrow or broad.

It follows then, that one purpose of this database of links is to provide fresh, relevant content on topics its users desire. The freshest, most relevant, most topical information found onrepparttar 128275 web today are in blogs, as well as their corresponding RSS or Atom feeds.

A blog’s very function is to contain constantly updated focused content, on one topic or field.

When blogs first started,repparttar 128276 topic was often a person’s life. As blogs move intorepparttar 128277 realm of business, at their best, they are updated records of a certain kind of information relevant to an industry, a company or a topic, that is aligned withrepparttar 128278 interests of their visitors.

So you need to knowrepparttar 128279 following things in order to get your blog included on Google’s search engine results pages.

• Where to leave your link so that it will get spidered • How to make sure Googlebot seesrepparttar 128280 link • How to set up your blog so that content fills a deficit • What isrepparttar 128281 best way to make sure your blog fillsrepparttar 128282 search engine’s desire better than other sites.

There’s a specific formula of success for this, one of many that will work not just one time, but repeatedly.

We’ve run out of space forrepparttar 128283 moment, but part two picks up withrepparttar 128284 specifics of how your blog needs to be set up, and gives tips on one ofrepparttar 128285 most important parts of your blog - its content feed.

To see a free copy of part two of this article, or read the full report on the Google - Blog connection, go to http://freetraffictip.com/goblog for more information.

Beginners - Getting Listed In Search Engines

Written by Jean Sutherland

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Onrepparttar reverse side, ALT TAG stuffing, which is usingrepparttar 128262 tags in an image to hide keywords will rarely help a site's position. If you can insert a key phrase intorepparttar 128263 image description then by all means do so. Remember that Alt tags do usually count towards your overall keyword density so it's better to have relevant keyword alt tags rather than something like "image01.gif".

6. Linking - with more search engines coming online every day, search engines are looking for ways to serve quality links to visitors. This is where linking to other sites and having them link to you becomes important to both you andrepparttar 128264 search engine. People who assume thatrepparttar 128265 more inbound links to them will help them, are very wrong. This may have been true at one time but not today. Search engines need to give quality results. One way they have of rating your site is byrepparttar 128266 quality of inbound links to your site. Therefore sites that are closely related to your site and that link to you will help boost your popularity in search engines. With Google this is a huge issue in how you rank with them. Having a hundred links from all sorts of site may result in hurting your ranking and you may be viewed as a link farm.

7. Spiders - A search engine is a database that has been put together by spiders. Spiders scourrepparttar 128267 Internet going through pages and recording information available on web pages. Spiders then giverepparttar 128268 information torepparttar 128269 database andrepparttar 128270 database feedsrepparttar 128271 results. Theoretically,repparttar 128272 web site should show up inrepparttar 128273 search resultsrepparttar 128274 next timerepparttar 128275 engine updates. It is important that all links on your site be active. A dead link may prevent a spider from doing your entire site.

8. Robots Text file - Search engines will look in your root domain for a special file named "robots.txt" (http://www.mydomain.com/robots.txt). The file tellsrepparttar 128276 robot (spider) which files it may spider (download). This system is called, The Robots Exclusion Standard.

9. FLASH - This has to be one ofrepparttar 128277 top mistakes a web site owner can do to hurt their search engine rangkings. Good content will win over flash every time and getting visitors to your site is what you are trying to accomplish. The only thingrepparttar 128278 search engines will be able to see when visiting a site whererepparttar 128279 first page is all flash arerepparttar 128280 title tags and links. In most cases that will not be enough. Over and over it's content rich pages that will get yourepparttar 128281 rankings you need. You may have to decide between getting a high ranking or having a "pretty" entry page. Remember that you goal is customers and sales. It might be kewlrepparttar 128282 first time you visitrepparttar 128283 site but when you have to go there over and over again it becomes very annoying not to mention that people on dialup must cringe when faced with such a page. They often give up because ofrepparttar 128284 length of time it takes to load.

10. Don't expect results overnight. It takes time to get your ranking up there, even with paid inclusion. You may start out with a low ranking when you are first listed but as you continue to optimize your site and build "relevant" links you will start to see a gradual climb. As you wait for your rise torepparttar 128285 top, concentrate on building as many relevant links as possible. Beside increasing your ranking you will be surprised atrepparttar 128286 number of referrals that you will received from those linked pages.

Jean Sutherland has successfully run her own ezine for over 6 years and has a subscriber base of 35,000. Her ezine is geared to people doing business online and beside offering free software, it also provides traffic & marketing tips, informative business articles, free ebooks and computer tips for those trying to work online. http://www.emailpromotions.net

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