“How To Tell If Someone You Meet In An Online Profile Or Advert Is Married/Partnered Or A Troll" Article 2 of 5

Written by Murray Hughes

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Mom asks if you want some milk and cookies... andrepparttar whole time you're in constant fear she will burst throughrepparttar 132153 door at any time…

You getrepparttar 132154 picture.

Be sure to clarify, however, who is living with whom. It may berepparttar 132155 case that it isrepparttar 132156 dater’s house and their parents actually live with them.

2.The Pungency of Desperation

Any whiff of desperation is a sign — if they can’t 'get' anyone, there’s probably a good reason.

Desperation can come inrepparttar 132157 form of:

- wanting to hook-up for a date very soon after you have met them online.

- claiming to love you even though you haven’t yet met in person.

- making future plans for your lives together even though you haven’t yet met in person.

- talking a lot about depression, intense loneliness, suicide and other dark thoughts.

- telling you very private details about their life way too soon.

- offering to give you their contact details even though you've only spoken (typed) once or twice online.

- when you log into your online dating service there are 6 messages waiting for you even though you only met them online forrepparttar 132158 first time yesterday.

- being too agreeable. Very easy to fall for this one. If they seem to have no opinion of their own and concur with you on every issue, they may be willing to say anything to get a date.

What do you do? Run like hell!

No seriously, ever heardrepparttar 132159 song ‘Klingons Off The Starboard Bow’?

Wellrepparttar 132160 more desperate a dater is,repparttar 132161 more they will cling-on.. it could become a problem you can do without.. like I said earlier, it lead to me changing my phone number!

That’s it for today, we have run out of room. To sum up, you need these to recognize these early warning signs to save you fromrepparttar 132162 same tragic events I endured.

So, be wary of a grown man or woman who still hasn’t leftrepparttar 132163 nest and be even more wary ofrepparttar 132164 desperate-dater.

Inrepparttar 132165 next part of this series I will discuss 2 more yellow-flag indicationsrepparttar 132166 person onrepparttar 132167 other end is probably a troll and how to get around them.

I call themrepparttar 132168 ‘Statute of Contact Limitations’ and ‘No Sepia-Toned Photos Please’.

Until then,

Your Truly, Adam Coole

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Global development - so much more needed

Written by Mel Dunn

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Clearly, what is important is not that an organisation makes a margin on activities to ensure their own sustainability. What is important is value ofrepparttar involvement, and that value relates to outcomes and impact, not input.

Granted, an interesting debate question could be “at what point does margin go beyond organisational sustainability such that a reduction in margin could still ensure sustainability forrepparttar 132151 implementing organisation while putting more intorepparttar 132152 activity/project/community”? But let’s not forget that many of these organisations, and many individuals I have been fortunate enough to get to know, contribute far beyondrepparttar 132153 technical involvement they are contracted to provide.

In a commercial environment, how can more be done?

Certainly in my experience of working with individuals and organisations,repparttar 132154 commitment to do more is alive and well. The critical aspect that must berepparttar 132155 focus of implementing activities, is how to create maximum value, improved outcomes and long-term, positive impact from involvement.

Some approaches that haverepparttar 132156 potential to create improved outcomes that are worth considering include:

•Encouraging ongoing professional development within your organisation [or as an individual]. There are a number of quality programs at some Australian universities specifically targeting development. This professional learning can be equally valuable for field practitioners as well as for business development personnel. •Encouraging greater involvement fromrepparttar 132157 education community. Australia is blessed with an incredible pool of talent, and this is especially true inrepparttar 132158 higher education and vocational education and training sectors. However,repparttar 132159 nature of many project activities, both in terms of timing and location, at times keep some ideal candidates from participating – this is a shame for all concerned. •Providing opportunities for teams inrepparttar 132160 field to keep up to date with new and relevant information. While as professionals we each should acceptrepparttar 132161 responsibility to maintain currency, providing new (including case-study) information to field teams is important. A number of Australia’s quality managing contractors publish excellent newsletters. •Incorporating new blood into project teams. This is often challenging, asrepparttar 132162 assessment criteria presented in many tendering activities almost appear to preclude newer professionals from being nominated. Presenting balanced teams remains important, both forrepparttar 132163 benefit ofrepparttar 132164 activity itself, and for building a broader base of qualified and experienced personnel for future activities. •Looking for quality local solutions. While a project opportunity may be let by an international organisation, incorporating local individuals, institutions and/or organisations into project teams hasrepparttar 132165 potential to create superior solutions. This approach offersrepparttar 132166 advantage of providing some economic value, as well as creating a strong platform for sustainability. And let’s not forget that many local organisations are quality project managers in their own right, so being a junior partner to them remains a very worthwhile consideration.

Needless to say, there is still much to be done; however, none of us can controlrepparttar 132167 occurrence of such tragedies asrepparttar 132168 recent Tsunami. We can, however, continue our individual and collective commitment to contribute and participate at whatever level we are able. And we can ensure our approach to development activities seeks to demonstrate value and focus on outcomes and impact alongrepparttar 132169 path to sustainable community development.


Mel Dunn is Managing Director of Global Business and Development Solutions (globizdev.com ), which works with individuals and organisations that are committed to business success and the success of others.

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