“How To Pluck Fresh New Ideas For Writing Killer Sales Copy...Straight Out Of Thin Air!”.

Written by Craig Garber

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This was an easy book to digest... a fast read (maybe 2 hours of your time)... and boy-oh-boy, what a joy it was.

The sense of empathy (using very plain-and-simple English), Sachar was able to stir inside you, overrepparttar main characters plight, was heartfelt and simply wonderful.

If you can stir up emotions like that in your sales copy...

You've got a rock-solid money-making machine on your hand!

And when you can show a "struggle to success" storyrepparttar 143953 way he did, taking you byrepparttar 143954 hand and letting you walk alongside his characters as they overcome obstacle after unjust obstacle, your outcome's going to be fantastic!

Can you dorepparttar 143955 same thing in your sales copy?

Of Course You Can!

For example, whatever you're selling, has got to berepparttar 143956 solution to some kind of problem... so tell your prospects stories about how you developed your product... or, how your product or service has changed someone's life.

Either of those stories can be made into "rags to riches" or "struggle to success" stories, no?

I definitely shed a few tears after I finished readingrepparttar 143957 uplifting and pretty ironic conclusion of "Holes", and... if you can move your prospectsrepparttar 143958 same way, believe me you'll make more than your fair share of ducats.

So read as much good fiction as you can get your hands on.

Start thinking about how your authors are painting their characters and bringing them to life for you.

And begin figuring out howrepparttar 143959 dynamics ofrepparttar 143960 characters relationships are handled, and how YOU can use these same dynamics in your sales copy, to make your sales pitches compelling and "real".

The bottom line here is, if you dorepparttar 143961 following three things, you'll be able to use your fiction readings, to leverage your creative juices so they start flowing likerepparttar 143962 roaring rapids ofrepparttar 143963 Snake River in Colorado, and notrepparttar 143964 Black Muddy River of folklore.

Here are these three simple things you must do:

Read! Read voraciously and read like your life's depending on it. Pretend each book you read is like a juicy thick sirloin steak, and then imagine...

You're Freakin Starving!

And start devouring those books!

Think! As you're reading, s-l-o-w-l-y digest every single morsel you're taking in. Discover what's making your characters tick, and... even more important, figure out what it is about what's making them tick...

That's Going To Make Your Prospects TickToo!

Do Something! You know, last week I saw this bit on one of those prime time television news exposés, about some poor gal who was just so desperate to lose weight.

The only problem was... she was eating enough food in a day...

To feed a small farming country inrepparttar 143965 mid-east!

Now what's up with that?

Do you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that's NOTrepparttar 143966 road to losing weight?

I'm not saying it's easy for someone in her position -- NOTHING good is easy.

Anything worth while, is usually worth fighting for, and... it's also usually incredibly difficult to achieve.


Sorry, but there's just no getting around that one.

So if you think simply "reading" and "understanding" everything you must know about "how to write", is going to make you even one thin dime, then you're sorely mistaken.

To do this, you've actually got to go out and...

Write something!

Be, as Teddy Roosevelt said,repparttar 143967 "man inrepparttar 143968 arena". Feelrepparttar 143969 sweat pouring downrepparttar 143970 sides of your head... bounce back from your mistakes... and then... emerge victorious, baby!

Before I go, check out what Rod Argent said, back in 1968. (Do you know who he is?)

"Really, music is a very personal thing. It'srepparttar 143971 product of a person's experiences. Since no two people have been exactly alike, each writer has something unique to say. That makes anything which is not just a copy of something else, worth listening to."

So listen to music that moves your soul... read good books that quench your thirst for becoming whole, emotionally... and enjoy creating and basking inrepparttar 143972 "non-real" things life's imagination is offering you.

And then, use these gifts to go out and createrepparttar 143973 very best damn sales letters you can, and... start...

Enjoying... Your Results!

Craig Garber is one of America's Top Direct-Response Copywriters and Direct-Marketing Consultants. For more copywriting tips, go to www.kingofcopy.com Copyright 2005 www.kingofcopy.com

Winning The Customer Through Weakness

Written by Ray L. Edwards

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There is something interesting I realize aboutrepparttar American public. They are willing to forgive you ofrepparttar 143435 most serous blunders whether public or private … if you admit to them. But if you are found out while trying to hide these 'imperfections' thenrepparttar 143436 public and media will rip you apart.

The same will happen in your marketing as well. If you admit torepparttar 143437 weaknesses of your products then you WILL make more sales. Let us look at some ways in which you can do this:

A. This one is obvious but you should still say that your product is not for everyone and then define your market. This works to build exclusivity for your product and atrepparttar 143438 same time show that you are not trying to sell torepparttar 143439 entire world.

B. Admit that there may be better products than yours but they are more expensive. You can then show that yours will be a bargain forrepparttar 143440 price.

C. Instead of pretending to be a "guru", state that you are just starting out and that's why you are so reasonable in your fees. (If this isrepparttar 143441 case.)

D. Be honest aboutrepparttar 143442 'average results' that your product brings to your customer. It's customary to show your best results inrepparttar 143443 testimonials you use with that disclaimer tucked in fine print atrepparttar 143444 end: 'these results are not typical'. Sincerepparttar 143445 law requires this why not just be upfront about it.

E. Always under-promise and over-deliver! This will be appreciated by your prospects every time.

There is a period just after placing an order when your customers go through a moment of regret and psychological dissonance. "Was I foolish to make this purchase? Did I pay a fair price? I wonder if this will really work?" (That's why you should always follow up a sale with a note of thanks forrepparttar 143446 purchase. This will help to reassurerepparttar 143447 new customer during this critical period.)

But if you promise more than you could deliver then this period of regret will lead into a request for a refund or even worse-a lost customer for life. Onrepparttar 143448 other hand, if you deliver more than you promised thenrepparttar 143449 customers feel smart about their decision and for 'discovering' you. You'll have a customer for life!

So even if your "fish" is perfect maybe you should sell your customers on them being just 'great' and allowrepparttar 143450 customers to discover that your fish is really perfect.

You'll catch more customers inrepparttar 143451 process … and maybe more fish too!

Ray Edwards is a master copywriter, published author and Internet Marketing Consultant. He can bring any dead website to life again by writing engaging hard-working copy for you. You may find more hard-hitting articles and more about his copywriting services by visiting his website at http://www.webcopy-writing.com

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