“How To Make Your Headlines Sell”

Written by Trevor Levine

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A full page newspaper ad withrepparttar headline "2/3 Bank Financing On Silver And Gold" was generating $50,000 in revenue for its advertiser.

However, when one of my colleagues re-wroterepparttar 129649 headline (leavingrepparttar 129650 body intact), revenue from this same ad exploded to $250,000! That's a 500% increase! The new headline read:

"If Gold Is Selling For $300 An Ounce, Send Us Just $100 An Ounce, And We'll Send You All The Gold You Want. If Silver Is Selling For $100 An Ounce, Send Us Just $33 An Ounce, And We'll Send You All The Silver You Want."


When your headlines and offers are truly compelling, they can open your doors to a WINDFALL of new business. There's no sense in settling for a lower response from your advertising dollars than you should be getting, is there?

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Cover Letters - Are you telling them what they want to know?

Written by Amit Pujar

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If you're mentioning your reference inrepparttar first paragraph, you can continue on to include why you applied for that position. A good way of connectingrepparttar 129648 reference to your application is "my skills and your requirement are a good match." Put that in your own words.

Inrepparttar 129649 next paragraph, you justify your statement about why you think that your skills andrepparttar 129650 skills required forrepparttar 129651 position are a good match. Make a single line reference to a particular achievement in your current (or previous) job that is along similar lines so thatrepparttar 129652 employer will know exactly what he's looking for. A good example would be "Set up a fully operational network of franchisees in Southern France for retailing ABC Coffee".

Avoid mentioning skills you don't have or projects you have never worked on. Because sooner or later, you're going to face it; whenrepparttar 129653 interviewer looks into your cover letter (or resume) and says "OK, Mr. Stephens, can you give me an instance of how you can use XML to port data from a backend system into a Middleware application"? And that's when you mind starts racing, "XML?? Middleware?? Port..?? Is that my resume he's got..???". God bless you if it's not your resume.

If there are more achievements you want to include, write them down in bulleted points. It's easier forrepparttar 129654 employer to read, comprehend and get a good picture of your capabilities. Do not reproduce your entire resume here. 2 or 3 such points will do perfectly fine. Of course do not include irrelevant achievements like "Won a Silver Medal in 200 x 4 Men's Relay Race conducted by Louisville Young Adults Club in 1991". Not unless you're applying forrepparttar 129655 post of a Physical Trainer or Coach.

You have made your point here. You know why you're applying. And recruiters like that. You know your responsibilities,repparttar 129656 risks involved andrepparttar 129657 tasks you'll be handling. You're justrepparttar 129658 person they're looking for. At least, you're one ofrepparttar 129659 persons they'd like to talk to before handing overrepparttar 129660 employment contract.

An ending note can make quite an impression. Tell them your resume is attached and that you're "looking forward to explore this opportunity further". Include an address and telephone number for them to contact you. Sign off with a "Yours Truly" or "Best Regards" and put your complete name under it.

Get into form and write out your winning cover letter.

Amit Pujar is a copywriter/technical writer currently heading the content department of an online publication. Amit writes on a variety of subjects and is currently working on his first non-fiction. He can be reached at pujar@yahoo.com.

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