“Fly by Ferry” overnight from Ancona (Italy) to Stari Grad (island of Hvar, Croatia)

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Jadrolinija (Croatian Ferry Operator) runsrepparttar 800-passenger Ivan Zajc. A 8.30pm or 9pm departure from Stazione Marittima (inrepparttar 138832 centre of Ancona) gets you to Stari Grad at 6am or 8.30am; return ferries leave at 11pm and arrive at 9am. Services operate every two days or so.

One-way fares start at £251.43 for a party of four occupying a four-berth cabin with private bathroom and breakfast. Car transport costs £41.07 each way. Under-fours travel free, and round-trip tickets give a 20 per cent discount onrepparttar 138833 return. To travel from UK call Viamare Travel Ltd. on Tel. +44 (0) 870 4106040 or alternatively book online at www.viamare.com. Timetable information and booking’s are available for other Mediterranean destinations as well.

Viamare Travel was established in 1985 and represents more than twenty Mediterranean ferry operators. Our routes have recently expanded to include France, Spain, Greece, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Tunisia, Malta, Albania, Slovenia, Montenegro and Croatia. Viamare can offer competitive fares for both passengers driving their own vehicles, group travel, and commercial vehicles using Mediterranean, North Sea, Cross Channel, and Baltic Sea services.

So...You're coming to Africa for the FIFA World Cup!

Written by Gregory Hudson

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The Newlands Stadium has been around sincerepparttar mid-1880s and has hostedrepparttar 138831 1995 Rugby World Cup. Its security, parking and administration capabilities have regularly proven worthy of many major sporting events.

The Newlands area is central torepparttar 138832 best pubs, sports bars and restaurants in Cape Town. The stadium is literally just overrepparttar 138833 tracks from a major brewery. Capetonians are known for their festive spirit andrepparttar 138834 atmosphere is expected to be anything but bland.

Finding a place to stay won't pose any problems. Most areas are within 30 minutes of Newlands, includingrepparttar 138835 airport. As mentioned earlier,repparttar 138836 stadium is next torepparttar 138837 train tracks and directly oppositerepparttar 138838 train station, so you can catch a train from Cape Town Station to Newlands, which is only 8km away, in less than 20 minutes. Plus you don't have to dorepparttar 138839 driving afterrepparttar 138840 festivities.

Durban is to host World Cup opening ceremony

Durban will be hostingrepparttar 138841 opening ceremony in 2010 andrepparttar 138842 Kings Park Stadium, which has won critical acclaim from visiting officials andrepparttar 138843 media, has been nominated asrepparttar 138844 location forrepparttar 138845 semi-finals. The stadium stands less than a kilometre fromrepparttar 138846 Indian Ocean allowing matches to be played inrepparttar 138847 luxury of warm Durban evenings.

Kings Park Stadium is roughly ten minutes drive fromrepparttar 138848 main hotels andrepparttar 138849 railway system is linked fromrepparttar 138850 city centre to outlying residential areas.

Although Durban has been mentioned asrepparttar 138851 favoured host forrepparttar 138852 opening ceremony and match, Johannesburg has receivedrepparttar 138853 same kind of attention. At this stage there is stiff competition between host cities, which is a good thing as this will make surerepparttar 138854 best venue get picked.

Get ready for an African World Cup: Sun block, Passion, Vuvuzela...

As kick-off time draws nearer and South Africa gets ready for a global sporting festival of gigantic proportions,repparttar 138855 blast ofrepparttar 138856 Vuvuzelas can almost be heard resounding throughrepparttar 138857 air. 50,000 of them are now being sold every month.

South Africa is a country in transformation and we have come a long way sincerepparttar 138858 changes began. Preparations and renovations are already underway, ensuring everything will be running smoothly and ready come 2010. Nowrepparttar 138859 only big question left to answer is... will you be?

Icon Villas & Vistas provide some of the best self catering and vacation rentals Cape Town has to offer. Locations are a stone's throw away from the city centre. Choose between the skylines of the CBD, the rocky coastlines of Camps Bay, or the quiet, suburban avenues of Fresnaye.

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