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Christian liberalism (now that their brand of Christianity has been wholly given over to “higher biblical criticism” andrepparttar “historical Jesus” can only spiritualize their “prophetic voice” and speak in metaphors and symbolisms fromrepparttar 145689 Revelation—hardly a tangible reflection of where most American Christians position themselves today!

Furthermore, what really irksrepparttar 145690 spiritualizing Liberals isrepparttar 145691 current Administration’s total embrace of evangelical literalism’s Armageddon scenario—man, does that one get their Liberal goat or what! Anyway, just asrepparttar 145692 liberals ignorantly and simplistically lump all evangelicals into one camp (i.e.,repparttar 145693 “Biblical inerrant/literalist camp”); they do so at their own peril by “throwingrepparttar 145694 baby out withrepparttar 145695 bath water.” In sum: Not all literalists are your enemies—in point of fact: Biblical literalism that does NOT subscribe to Tim LaHaye’s triumphal Christianity MAY be your ultimate anecdote within America’s current Southern brand of “resurgent evangelicalism.”


The passages found in Isaiah 17 and 18, Joel 2, Ezekiel 38-39 (including chapters 36-37), Daniel 11, as well asrepparttar 145696 temple passages in Ezekiel 40-43, Zechariah 9-14; and, finally, Amos 1:3-5, will be covered in our eschatological intrusion alongrepparttar 145697 Road to Damascus.

The Apostle Paul’s conversion onrepparttar 145698 Road to Damascus turnedrepparttar 145699 fledgling Christian faith, andrepparttar 145700 world at large, upside down! The question abides: Amongst allrepparttar 145701 external manifestations of fulfilled prophecy inrepparttar 145702 Bible (e.g., Israel’s rebirth in 1948; along with Jerusalem’s recognition asrepparttar 145703 Capitol ofrepparttar 145704 Jewish State and its 1967 take over byrepparttar 145705 Jews; and,repparttar 145706 ever-advancing incursions ofrepparttar 145707 West vs. Islamic fundamentalism) is there another “Syrian Connection” that will turnrepparttar 145708 world upside down? I believe so . . . . let us examine these passages andrepparttar 145709 immediate eschatological implications of what we now face (Liberal Christianity hang in there . . . ).


Throughout these eschatological discoveries, we shall adhere torepparttar 145710 following (and, just because it makes rational sense doesn’t mean thatrepparttar 145711 Bible is happenstance in its “prophetical conjectures”):

(1) Syria/Damascus will berepparttar 145712 NEXT major prophetical happening amongrepparttar 145713 Gentile nations—she shall find herself in a major conflagration with bothrepparttar 145714 IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and, secondarily, USA-led coalition forces. This shall primarily be an Israeli orchestrated, but USA-approved, military endeavor. Its primary purpose will be to:

Due to space limitations, you will have to follow our link to seerepparttar 145715 rest of this chapter in Doug's Krieger's book.


When A Chickenhawk Squawks

Written by The Indy Voice

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You see Karl has advised his buddy George to getrepparttar American people into a war based on false pretenses, that was never winnable and that has inspired an entirely new generation of Muslim people, that now have legitimate grievances, to radicalize forrepparttar 145624 sake of their perceived self-defense. Lately these truths have been making their way torepparttar 145625 American public's ears and eyes. We saw glimmers of it inrepparttar 145626 Downing Street Memos and reports of an illegal and secret air campaign taking place before congress authorized war.

Karl's behavior is perfectly understandable underrepparttar 145627 circumstances. He's scared to death thatrepparttar 145628 American people are going to wake up torepparttar 145629 news that George W. Bush lied this country into a war that has causedrepparttar 145630 deaths, maimings and injuries of thousands and thousands of people without reason. And this is what really gives him cold sweats at night, he's worried thatrepparttar 145631 American people are going to ask why we attacked a country that had no connections to Al-Queda, no WMD, didn't threaten us and had nothing to do with 9-11, when we had unfinished business with those that DID attack us.

So don't fall forrepparttar 145632 distraction by engagingrepparttar 145633 stupidity ofrepparttar 145634 argument. Stand tall and unapologetically speak loudly and truthfully and feel comforted that if Karl won't apologize for speaking lies, we shouldn't apologize for speakingrepparttar 145635 truth. Andrepparttar 145636 truth should be spoken whenever there's an opportunity, like when a chickenhawk squawks.

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