“Beware the Click Without the Conversion”

Written by Kevin Gold

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If you setup a “broad-match” forrepparttar keyword “real estate”, you will attract visitors who have entered any possible variation ofrepparttar 147936 term “real estate” including geographically specific “real estate” keywords that may have absolutely no relevance to your product or service.

3. Employ Custom Landing Pages:

This is an absolute for all paid search marketing campaigns. Pay-per-click marketing is unique compared to other mainstream forms of online marketing. In part because marketers haverepparttar 147937 opportunity to select specific keywords, write specific ads and directrepparttar 147938 click-through to a specific web page. This “connect-the-dots” process createsrepparttar 147939 need to develop consistency amongrepparttar 147940 visitor’s expectation fromrepparttar 147941 keyword they enter torepparttar 147942 ad that draws their attention and down torepparttar 147943 web page they “land-on”. Relevancy and consistency are essential for an effective pay-per-click marketing program.

One ofrepparttar 147944 reportedly major reasons why pay-per-click marketing programs fall short of their intended goal is because businesses direct all of their click-throughs to their home page or to a poorly developed “contact us” form or product page. Since most businesses’ websites are designed to serve mutliple audiences (i.e. media relations, investors, current clients, potential prospects, customer services, etc.) they do not providerepparttar 147945 level of relevancy and consistency expected fromrepparttar 147946 visitor to get them to act confidently.

What are “landing pages?” Landing pages are simply web pages designed specifically for a keyword or related group of keywords. They are highly relevant torepparttar 147947 keyword searched and consistent withrepparttar 147948 ad’s claim. They immediately focus a visitor’s attention on a primary call-to-action (most wanted response). In essence – landing pages ask your visitors to take an action.

If your paid search marketing is not living up to your expectations, consider which web pages you are sending visitors to. Are they relevant and consistent with your paid ads and keywords? Do they offer too many calls-to-action? Do they “fit”repparttar 147949 expectations ofrepparttar 147950 visitor searching onrepparttar 147951 particular keyword?

4. Consider Branding; Direct Response Objectives: Branding has significant value for a web business and advertisers certainly prioritize it asrepparttar 147952 “golden egg” of their efforts. However, associating branding objectives with paid search marketing is questionable. Studies show that search users attribute less relevancy to paid search ads then natural search listings. Also consideringrepparttar 147953 “click cost’ associated with paid search, it is preferable to use natural search for branding purposes.

Paid search is an excellent direct response channel since it can be maximized to provoke an immediate “desired action”. Unlike natural search whererepparttar 147954 web page variables (which are not always human-friendly) are tweaked to attain effective search engine ranking, paid search enables you to direct click-throughs to a custom landing page and to split-testrepparttar 147955 landing page to incrementally increase its direct response rates.

Ideally, only use paid search to “fill” any essential “branding keyword” gaps that your natural search is not able to represent effectively inrepparttar 147956 search listings. That way, at least your brand is presented as an option for a search users’ keyword inquiry. Remember, if your not listed, then you are not an option to fulfillrepparttar 147957 user’s perceived need.

Focus your paid search campaigns on direct response efforts through continuously split-testing your landing pages to increase your close rates.

5. Don’t Forget “Latent” Buyers:

A study conducted by DoubleClick/comScore in March 2005 reported that “in half of all cases studied shoppers performed searches related torepparttar 147958 category of their purchase at some time inrepparttar 147959 three months before buying.” The study also found that, “on average five searches in a category come before an online purchase.”

What this means to you, is even though a paid search keyword appears not to convert immediately – be patient. The average search user performs five searchers before buying online andrepparttar 147960 five searches may be across five different keywords. So before removing any non-performing keywords from your paid search marketing, consider its brand and direct response value. It may have a low “scoring” value but berepparttar 147961 biggest “assist” to sales.

In summary, focus on “qualifying” your keyword clicks BEFORE buying a visitor who has little or no intention of putting money into your pocketbook. By focusing your efforts on “conversion” rather than “click-throughs” you will increase your website sales and reduce your expenses – a sure bet for hittingrepparttar 147962 jackpot. As a client of ours recently stated, “Give merepparttar 147963 campaign with 100 click thru's and 30 sales over 1000 click thru's and 10 sales any day!’

Best of Luck!

Kevin Gold is a writer, speaker and co-founder of Enhanced Concepts, Inc. Enhanced Concepts specializes in turning website visitors into leads or sales through web conversion strategies and ROI-driven search engine marketing. If you want to increase your leads or sales and get, a free copy of “Understanding Your Conversion Rate” and “12 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion” visit www.enhancedconcepts.com.

Dealing with Digital Disease

Written by Sean Felker

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So be careful with what you download. Read product reviews and find out if other people got headaches from using it.

• Visiting ad-heavy sites

If you visit a site and you’re immediately bombarded with pop-up ads, leave immediately. You might click on an ad that activates an automatic download of malicious software to your computer.

Here is a list of activities which you should be doing instead:

• Invest in good antivirus software. Going online withoutrepparttar protection of antivirus software is like going out naked inrepparttar 147846 snow. That’s just how vulnerable an unprotected computer is.

• Most antivirus software packages include an internet security program (also known as firewall). A firewall acts as a barricade between you and unwanted content fromrepparttar 147847 internet. When buying antivirus software, it’s better to shell out forrepparttar 147848 internet security as well.

• Once antivirus software is installed in your computer, keep it updated always so it can recognize and remove newly released viruses.

• Whatever browser you are using, check that its security settings are all in default unless you really know what you are doing.

• Periodically delete files that you no longer use.

• Download spyware- and adware-removal tools and run them at least once a week. Be warned that many of these removal programs are a scam, so make sure that what you download is reliable. You can easily search for product reviews to check ifrepparttar 147849 program is legitimate or otherwise.

• Back up all your important files allrepparttar 147850 time.

• If possible, have two computers at home. One will be used to connect torepparttar 147851 internet, andrepparttar 147852 other should not be connected at all.

The second computer will act as storage of all your important files so that even ifrepparttar 147853 first one crashes, your life won’t be in ruins.

Don’t be dependent on removal tools and antivirus software packages, though.

Sean Felker is the publisher of the very successful and popular Work at Home and Making Money on the Internet blog: http://making-money-online.blogspot.com

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