“5 Fast Ideas to Freshen the Look of your Room

Written by Shannon Emmanuel

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3)Baskets You don’t have to be a country girl (or guy) to appreciaterepparttar cozy look of baskets. Evenrepparttar 100037 most modern room can benefit from a bit of wood or rattan. Butrepparttar 100038 main purpose here is to hide clutter. You’ll feel so refreshed if you add a few baskets to fill with magazines, toys or hobby material. It’srepparttar 100039 easiest way to containrepparttar 100040 everyday clutter that you can’t stow away. And clearing space is always a good look!

4)Throw Cushions I’d bet you could find two throw cushions for less than $50, so if you do, add a throw blanket as well. Cheap and shamefully easy, this isrepparttar 100041 way to go if you’re ready to make more of a statement. Great opportunity to bring some contrast into a dull room, consider light pillows for a dark room, dark pillows for a light one, and absolutely try adding a trendy color to a neutral room. And at this price, you can change it next season!

5)Paint Admittedly forrepparttar 100042 more ambitious, this is a fantastic way to create a stunning look in little time. However, this is an article on FAST ideas, so let’s not tacklerepparttar 100043 whole room right now. If company’s coming this weekend, try a new look by painting a feature wall a stunning but complementary color (ie:repparttar 100044 fireplace wall, that blank wall behindrepparttar 100045 couch…you getrepparttar 100046 idea.) Or even tape off a smaller section (this is called color blocking) to focus attention on a collection of pictures, or behind a mirror, or aroundrepparttar 100047 fireplace.

To all those withrepparttar 100048 decorating fever, I wish you speedy recovery and an enjoyable project!

Shannon Emmanuel takes her love of interior decorating to the internet with resources and accessories available at her online décor store http://www.SimpleDetailsDecor.com.

How to Clean your Air Conditioner like a Pro

Written by Donald Grummett

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6. Straighten any bent fins. Use a fin comb if available. If no fin comb then use something soft such as a Popsicle stick. Straighteningrepparttar fins will increaserepparttar 100036 efficiency ofrepparttar 100037 air flow throughrepparttar 100038 coils. This adds torepparttar 100039 overall cooling effect produced byrepparttar 100040 air conditioner.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 forrepparttar 100041 condenser (rear fins) coil. A plastic cowling usually surroundsrepparttar 100042 condenser fins. If so, checkrepparttar 100043 top edge to see if it will lift or open. If it opens this will allow easier access torepparttar 100044 condenser fins. Again use caution becauserepparttar 100045 condenser coil is also filled with high pressure refrigerant.

8. Wipe any dirt buildup from both fan blades using a soft rag. Do not bend blades. This would cause a vibration that would harmrepparttar 100046 motor. 9. Vacuum all surfaces including front and back of grille assembly. Do not forget to vacuum underside of metal air conditioner cover. Ifrepparttar 100047 cover contains air holes clean them thoroughly. If necessary use a damp rag. 10. Drain any water left inrepparttar 100048 base and allow it to dry for few hours.

11. When completely dry plug in air conditioner and test operation. If everything appears okay unplug and begin reassembly.

Reassemble and test -------------

12. Once reassembly is complete, retest operation to ensure replacingrepparttar 100049 cover has not affected anything. Addingrepparttar 100050 cover will often twistrepparttar 100051 frame and can cause interior parts to move out of alignment. This may causerepparttar 100052 fan to become noisy. To correct for this problem removerepparttar 100053 cover and realign torepparttar 100054 main body ofrepparttar 100055 air conditioner. Reinstallrepparttar 100056 cover and test for noises every time 2 or 3 additional screws are added torepparttar 100057 cover. Spinningrepparttar 100058 front blade by hand will let you know if anything is rubbing againstrepparttar 100059 fan blades.

13. Installrepparttar 100060 front grille withrepparttar 100061 new or cleaned filter in place.

14. Lastly, cover air conditioner with plastic wrap or an old blanket. Store in a warm dry area. Raise it from floor slightly by placing onto a couple of pieces of wood. This will protectrepparttar 100062 floor fromrepparttar 100063 metal edges ofrepparttar 100064 air conditioner, and also protectrepparttar 100065 air conditioner from moisture. You’re Finished ------------

Repeat this simple procedure every year. If you do,repparttar 100066 machine will be ready for many more years of dependable service. Addendum -------------------

The filter insiderepparttar 100067 front grille should be removed and cleaned (as in step 1) every month throughoutrepparttar 100068 cooling season. If you are a smoker it should be cleaned every week.

Copyright 2005 by Donald Grummett. All right reserved. Donald Grummett is an appliance service manager in Ottawa, Canada. In the trade over 30 years as both a technician, business owner, and technical trainer. For more information about appliances including FAQ, Stain guide, Recycling, and Newsletter visit http://www.mgservices.ca

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