“0” – Cirque du Soleil Fluid Theater at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Written by Janice Wilson

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The momentum of energy built asrepparttar stage transformed itself into a performance of FIRE. I watched with a deep fascination asrepparttar 140611 performers incorporatedrepparttar 140612 rage of fire from ancient folklore withrepparttar 140613 precision ofrepparttar 140614 martial arts. Asrepparttar 140615 water purifiedrepparttar 140616 performancerepparttar 140617 stage merged into one brilliant scintillating visual. Passion controlled by beauty.

As passionate asrepparttar 140618 evening became, there was immense pleasure in watchingrepparttar 140619 beauty in celebration. It cast a spell overrepparttar 140620 entire theatre duringrepparttar 140621 Russian Swing sequence. A church bell atop a large swing signaled forrepparttar 140622 party of life, love, and death to begin. The divers created a swinging movement and trajectory of flight that moved them fromrepparttar 140623 initial point of ground level torepparttar 140624 highest point of 32 feet. I held my breath as I feltrepparttar 140625 divers’ momentary weightlessness at zero gravity was followed byrepparttar 140626 tremendous acceleration down torepparttar 140627 water. The intense pleasure in viewing this extremely dangerous feat was beautiful.

The show continued to astound and fascinate me as a cadre of performers dressed in zebra stripes displayed how to maintain balance in this stormy staged universe. They were constantly realigning themselves, hanging on untilrepparttar 140628 very end. The entire number took place suspended in mid-air betweenrepparttar 140629 sky andrepparttar 140630 water. I decided that even living onrepparttar 140631 edge could be beautiful when we are resilient.

Inrepparttar 140632 High Dive, four world class high divers leapt from a 60 foot grid level to a small exposed section ofrepparttar 140633 pool. Takingrepparttar 140634 plunge from this high dive is a scary proposition for anyone. But I was terrified when one ofrepparttar 140635 diver’s pulled fromrepparttar 140636 audience a seemingly innocent spectator, and coerced him into takingrepparttar 140637 leap! What wasrepparttar 140638 beauty in that? Asrepparttar 140639 spectator tookrepparttar 140640 plunge and expertly executed his dive, I realized that beauty was found in ALL that is possible.

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Download All Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies!

Written by Rickia Sanders

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