‘I'm Not A Christian, But I Play One On Sunday'

Written by Rev. James L. Snyder

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I could tell Ralph knew God about as well as I knewrepparttar President ofrepparttar 105578 United States. It was then an idea hit me.

While he talked to me, I was trying to figure out how I could convince him that he really didn't know God. Sure, he knew a lot of things about God and could quote a bushel full of Bible verses as though that would impress me. Entrance into heaven is not contingent upon impressing some preacher.

I knew Ralph really did not know God personally. My problem was to persuade him of that fact.

It's almost like someone who smokes cigarettes trying to convince someone who doesn't smoke that they don't smoke. The smoker does not smellrepparttar 105579 smoke butrepparttar 105580 non-smoker smells it right away. Similarly, I can readily tell when someone doesn't know God personally.

As we were talking, an idea came to mind. Ralph was sitting across my desk from me and between us was my telephone. So I said to Ralph, "Do you knowrepparttar 105581 President ofrepparttar 105582 United States?"

Ralph looked at me a little perplexed with this question out ofrepparttar 105583 blue and said, "Sure, I do. It's George W. Bush."

"Great," I said pushingrepparttar 105584 telephone towards him, "use my telephone and call him for me."

He laughed and pushedrepparttar 105585 telephone back.

Thrustingrepparttar 105586 phone back toward him I said, "You do knowrepparttar 105587 President ofrepparttar 105588 United States, don't you?"

He laughed a nervous little chuckle. "The president ofrepparttar 105589 United States is George W. Bush." Then he shovedrepparttar 105590 phone back toward me.

"You know him?" I persisted. As he nodded inrepparttar 105591 affirmative, a worried look embraced his face. I could see he didn't quite understand what I was getting at.

"Ralph," I explained, "you may know whorepparttar 105592 President ofrepparttar 105593 United States is and you may know a lot about him. But you don't know George W. Bush enough to call him onrepparttar 105594 phone."

People who say they know God only know things about God. People who say they know Jesus Christ only know things about him. If you don't know God enough to reach Him when you need Him, you don't know Him at all.

I likerepparttar 105595 Apostle Paul's testimony. He said, "That I may know him, andrepparttar 105596 power of his resurrection, andrepparttar 105597 fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;" (Philippians 3:10 KJV.)

A friend of mine has a favorite saying that he likes to quote; "Either Jesus is Lord of all or he is not Lord at all." That about sums uprepparttar 105598 whole matter.

Rev. James L. Snyder.

Reverend Snyder is currently ministering at the "Family of God Fellowship" in Ocala, Florida. More of his articles are available for reprint at his website: http://www.godspenman.com/ Rev. Snyder is available as a guest speaker. He writes a weekly column and is the author of "You Can Always Tell a Pastor; But Not Very Much " available at: http://www.jamessnyderministries.com/

The Ride of his Life

Written by Jelbaby

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‘Oh no!’ I thought to myself, not fully certain what he was about to do. “What are you doing?” I protested, a feeling of dread gripping my stomach. “What does it look like?” He snapped at me, leadingrepparttar Paragon Prince ontorepparttar 105577 racetrack. “Dad.” I protested again. “Whatrepparttar 105578 heck?” Suddenly comprehending what he was about to do. Dad was going to riderepparttar 105579 flipping horse himself. “If this lazy jockey ain’t going to show up son, then I’ll ride track work.” Came his immediate retort. “You can’t.” I argued. “I can so, it’s my blasted horse.” He shouted stubbornly. I didn’t argue, that would have been useless. You didn’t argue with Dad when he was like this, he was not kidding. I wasn’t even sure if he could ride or not. I had never seen him mount a horse. “Dad.” I yelled, feeling just a bit cheeky, “Can you even ride?” “How hard can it be?’ He asked me, meanwhile hauling himself intorepparttar 105580 saddle. He turnedrepparttar 105581 horse and guided him out ontorepparttar 105582 course, notrepparttar 105583 training track, but onrepparttar 105584 course proper which was forbidden territory for track work galloping. “Oh My Lord!” I cursed to myself, thinking that there are a million reasons why he shouldn’t do this. He’s not wearing a hard hat, just a stupid blue floppy thing. He can’t ride, obviously. Mum is going to be livid and will probably kill him, if he doesn’t kill himself inrepparttar 105585 process. Thoroughbreds are mad atrepparttar 105586 best of times, but with my crazy father, with his erratic irish temper who couldn’t ride a horse to save his life on a nervous thoroughbred, this was not going to be constructive track gallop. “Damn!” I muttered to myself. Where was my mother when I needed her? If she were witnessing this, she would have a cow. A total melt down. “Dad, you can’t!” I shouted, but it was too late. He couldn’t hear me anyway, it was a futile attempt. He walked Paragon Prince around torepparttar 105587 1200 metre starting area and gathered uprepparttar 105588 reins. He lent forward, givingrepparttar 105589 horse an unnecessary sharp kick inrepparttar 105590 guts and they took off at a flat out gallop. Dad just clung on for dear life, grasping at handfuls of mane and reins. I guess he was hopingrepparttar 105591 horse would just carry him torepparttar 105592 winning post. They galloped aroundrepparttar 105593 corner intorepparttar 105594 straight, heading forrepparttar 105595 winning post. I ran down towardsrepparttar 105596 straight and stood atrepparttar 105597 rail watching, still expectingrepparttar 105598 worst to come. Then all of a sudden, Dad saw it, I saw it andrepparttar 105599 horse saw it. The piece of metal wire that had been placed acrossrepparttar 105600 track to prevent idiots - like my father, galloping their horses onrepparttar 105601 course proper. My father tried and tried to pull him up, but to rein in a thoroughbred without warning, traveling at around sixty kilometres per hour is virtally impossible. He leaned back and dragged onrepparttar 105602 reins using every ounce of strength he possessed, but it was hopeless and he knew it. I stood there rooted torepparttar 105603 spot, thinking for sure that my father’s number was up. He didn’t have a chance in hell of stopping Paragon Prince before they reached that metal wire.

All of a sudden, Dad didrepparttar 105604 only thing he could do underrepparttar 105605 circumstances; he bailed. He just plain jumped out ofrepparttar 105606 saddle on torepparttar 105607 ground still holdingrepparttar 105608 reins and it wasrepparttar 105609 funniest thing you ever saw; my crazy father running alongside this horse, which he somehow managed to pull away from that lethal looking piece of wire acrossrepparttar 105610 track. Don’t ask me how he did it. It was all so fast, but he did it. I sighed in total exasperation and relief, leaning againstrepparttar 105611 rails. Dad walked over leadingrepparttar 105612 horse behind him. “Well.” he said, trying to catch his breath, his expression giving away nothing, “That was hairy.” I said nothing, thinking that his words were a huge understatement and also knowing full well if I even opened my mouth Dad would be right in my face, justifying his actions. I decided then and there to just shut up and agree with him. I decided leave this task to my mother. Mum would and did lock horns with him later, she literally had him for breakfast and then some. As forrepparttar 105613 ‘no show’ jockey, well did he cop a well deserved dressing-down from both Mum and Dad. I don’t recall him ever riding for us again after that day. I assume my father had to go beforerepparttar 105614 turf club officials over that incident and furthermore, he probably got into an abundance of trouble over it. I’m not really sure, I was only about twelve atrepparttar 105615 time, so I don’t recollect all that eventuated after that day. However, when I witness that determined, stubborn, cantankerous expression on Dad’s face, I knowrepparttar 105616 ever -dependable hissy fit is just aroundrepparttar 105617 corner and to hell withrepparttar 105618 consequences. As far as I know, afterrepparttar 105619 events of that morning my father never again attempted to ride a horse.

A funny story, about a friend of mine and his trials and tribulation with thoroughbreds, trainers and jockeys

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