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Written by Jay Harris

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The performance and maintenance of your refrigerator is ofrepparttar utmost importance. Checkrepparttar 148173 temperature of your refrigerator with an appliance thermometer. To keep bacteria in check,repparttar 148174 refrigerator should run at 40 degrees F;repparttar 148175 freezer unit at 0 degrees F. Generally, keep your refrigerator as cold as possible without freezing your milk or lettuce. When you prepare food, keep everything clean and thaw out any frozen food you plan to prepare in your refrigerator. Take it out ofrepparttar 148176 freezer in advance and place it inrepparttar 148177 refrigerated section of your refrigerator. Always wash your hands in hot soapy water before preparing and handling any food as well as after you userepparttar 148178 bathroom, change diapers, handle pets, etc. Remember, too, that bacteria can live in your kitchen towels, sponges and dish cloths. Wash them often and replacerepparttar 148179 dish cloths and sponges you use regularly every few weeks.

Be absolutely sure that you keep all raw meats, poultry and fish and their juices away from other food. For instance, wash your hands, your cutting board and knife in hot soapy water after cutting uprepparttar 148180 chicken and before dicing salad ingredients. It is best to use plastic cutting boards rather than wooden ones where bacteria can hide in grooves. Don't take your food out ofrepparttar 148181 freezer and leave it onrepparttar 148182 kitchen counter to thaw. This is extremely dangerous sincerepparttar 148183 bacteria can grow inrepparttar 148184 outer layers ofrepparttar 148185 food beforerepparttar 148186 inside thaws. It is wise to do your marinating inrepparttar 148187 refrigerator too.

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Your Guide to Shopping for an Espresso Machine

Written by Espresso Machines and More!

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Quality ofrepparttar Machine:

Isrepparttar 148172 machine consistent? Is it easy to use? Doesrepparttar 148173 company back it with a long-term warranty? Arerepparttar 148174 key parts made of high quality materials? Or doesrepparttar 148175 machine feature mostly plastic?

Convenience and Usability:

Some of us want to push a button and letrepparttar 148176 machine dorepparttar 148177 work. Others of us want to be intimately involved with each step ofrepparttar 148178 brewing process. Some machines come with a built in grinder - and other will require you purchase a special grinder. Think hard about how much effort you're willing to put into making a drink when you crawl out of bed!

Overall Value:

Value is really a comparison ofrepparttar 148179 above features, weighted againstrepparttar 148180 price ofrepparttar 148181 machine. Are you willing to pay twice as much for a machine that looks stunning, but is functionally similar to another? That's your call!

Whatever you do, remember that espresso is one of life's finer pleasures. This probably isn'trepparttar 148182 most practical investment you'll ever make, but it will bring years of enjoyment and happiness. As isrepparttar 148183 case with most things, you will get what you pay for - I recommend you buyrepparttar 148184 best machine you can afford whether this machine be for home, office or business use. As soon as you start enjoying your own handcrafted lattes and mochas, your investment will feel well worth it!

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