Your website has a secret!

Written by Edward Charkow

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3.) Entry and Exit pages - These stats will tell you what pages your visitors enter on, and what pages make them leave. Sometimes this can cause a problem. Here is an example: A few weeks ago a client wrote me and said they weren't getting any sales, although they had a lot of keywords based traffic. Well that keyword based traffic is a great thing, and their site was well organized and professional. The first glance didn't reveal anything wrong. After a few minutes of looking throughrepparttar statistics I found thatrepparttar 139432 Terms of Service page was losing a large amount ofrepparttar 139433 visitors. We found some huge spelling and language errors. He wrote me a few hours after fixing these to report that he had an order already.

4.) Referral URLs- Pages that link to you arerepparttar 139434 best way to increase traffic and increase search engine traffic. Your statistical program will tell you what URL's are sending you traffic. It's also a great way to figure out if your linking partners are holding their end ofrepparttar 139435 bargain.

5.) Keywords- It's a good idea to pay a lot of attention to this. If search engine traffic isrepparttar 139436 most common method for your traffic generation, it's probably your most important statistic. Statistical programs tell you what keywords, and what keyword combinations brought visitors to your site. Hopefully they were keywords that are relevant to what you are trying to sell.

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How To Use Database Marketing To Skyrocket Your Online Profits

Written by Tony Newton

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Beneficial Uses For Your Database

Find out your customers purchasing habits. Userepparttar information to improverepparttar 139249 design of your web site. Use it to write all your advertising material more persuasively.

Find outrepparttar 139250 things they like or dislike about your business. Userepparttar 139251 information to target your best prospects.

Find out how much money your prospects or customers make. Use it to improve your customer service.

Find out what new products or services they need or want. Use it to test ideas before launching a total sales campaign.

Find out how to your improve your existing products or services. Use it to build your customer loyalty.

Find out which benefits or features they like most about your products or services. Use it to send electronic greeting cards on holidays or on your customer's birthdays.

The list of beneficial uses are endless. Do you seerepparttar 139252 importance of collecting this information? The Internet makesrepparttar 139253 process of collecting this information quicker and cheaper than offline methods. Take advantage of database marketing and watch your online profits skyrocket.

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