How to distribute the water in your new log cabin

Written by Jack Hudson

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Whenrepparttar drive cap is added, you can driverepparttar 100424 pointed end ofrepparttar 100425 pipe intorepparttar 100426 ground with a maul. A maul is a heavy hammer. Large mauls used to drive pipe usually are made with a hardwood head. A pipe or Stillson wrench is a large tool with adjustable head that can be used to hold pipe.

A yarning tool is a rod with a flattened end used to push lead or other soft materials into a joint of pipe. A threader is used to make ends on pipe so that couplers may be screwed on. These have dies which come in various sizes from ¼ to 2 inches or more in diameter. Tubing cutters have a small wheel that cuts soft pipe. Each time you revolverepparttar 100427 clamplike tool aroundrepparttar 100428 pipe,repparttar 100429 handle is given another twist downward. This action eventually cutsrepparttar 100430 pipe.

A plumbers' furnace is a type of gasoline stove with a melting pot for lead atrepparttar 100431 top. Ladles are spoonlike dippers used to remove lead fromrepparttar 100432 plumbers' furnace torepparttar 100433 joint that is being packed. Blow torches usually use gasoline for fuel. Be sure to keeprepparttar 100434 flame of this tool away from any combustible material.

A holder consists of two boards connected together with bolts. It is used to hold lengths of pipe when lowering pipe into a well. A reamer is used to clean outrepparttar 100435 inside end of a pipe that has been cut. It is tapered and has a series of flutes.

Flaring tools are used to forcerepparttar 100436 end of copper pipe outward. They consist of a holder with various sizes of holes for pipe. A metal rod is inserted inrepparttar 100437 end ofrepparttar 100438 tubing that is held byrepparttar 100439 holder, and hit lightly with a hammer to forcerepparttar 100440 edges outward.

Hack saws are thin-bladed saws used to cut pipe. In usingrepparttar 100441 hack saw, hold it at a 90-degree angle torepparttar 100442 pipe. Do not saw too fast. Userepparttar 100443 reamer after makingrepparttar 100444 cut. The earth auger is a shovel-type tool used to make a circular hole inrepparttar 100445 earth.

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Fire Hazard Alert - is your Dryer ready to Ignite

Written by Donald Grummett

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So lets look at how we can determine if a venting problem is in our future.

Manufacturers generally suggest a venting length of 15 feet (and two elbows) to berepparttar maximum. Butrepparttar 100423 true venting length can be deceptive. ”So how do I know if my venting is too long”?

The true length of your venting is determined as follows: 1. Measure allrepparttar 100424 straight lengths and add them together 2. Count allrepparttar 100425 turns or elbows and multiply this number by 4 3. Add uprepparttar 100426 totals Example Since an elbow or turn is equivalent to an additional 4 feet of pipe 20 feet of venting with 4 turns would actually be: 20 feet + 4X4 feet = 36 feet Don’t be surprised byrepparttar 100427 true equivalent length of your venting. In modern homes it can be substantially longer than repparttar 100428 manufacturers suggested maximum. Ifrepparttar 100429 blockage becomes criticalrepparttar 100430 dryer will stop doing its job properly. As a homeowner watch forrepparttar 100431 following signs thatrepparttar 100432 venting may be starting to block.

·Clothes coming out wet ·Excess lint left on clothes at cycle end ·Inside of dryer feels wet ·Taking too long to dry a load ·Clothes very hot at end of cycle ·Electrical consumption greatly increased

Summing up ---------------------------------

“So who is to blame for this problem”?

I say there is no culprit in this scenario. If you want to blame anything, blame our fast paced lifestyle. Gone arerepparttar 100433 times when laundry day was a full days work. We all want instant gratification and instantaneous results - even with our laundry chores. So as a consumer what can you do to alleviate this problem?

Well you certainly can't moverepparttar 100434 laundry room. The best thing you can do is to be aware thatrepparttar 100435 problem exists. Consider taking downrepparttar 100436 venting and cleaning outrepparttar 100437 lint buildup during your annual spring cleaning. Also, regularly walk outside and checkrepparttar 100438 vent cap where it exits your house. Remove any lint buildup and make surerepparttar 100439 flap moves freely. If you see a lot of activity from birds in you backyard check it immediately. They simply love to build nests insiderepparttar 100440 vent cap. Other thanrepparttar 100441 previous suggestions a little common sense might avert a tragedy. Do not operate your dryer while asleep, out ofrepparttar 100442 house, or next door atrepparttar 100443 neighbours. And always rememberrepparttar 100444 old saying that states "better safe than sorry".

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