$5 for a brand new laptop?

Written by Charles

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*Pentium 4 *Windows XP *40 GB harddrive *256 mb ram



Wardriving Ethics

Written by Richard Johnson

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Ethical Issues As described above, war-chalking is a method or service to assist people in finding something, an Internet connection.

When looking atrepparttar ethical issues, three main questions come to mind: -Is it theft? -Is it harmful? -Is it stoppable?

Is it theft? According to webster.com theft is defined as:repparttar 107828 felonious taking and removing of personal property with intent to depriverepparttar 107829 rightful owner of it.

While war-chalking and war-driving activities identify and mark wireless networks, they are not removing or deprivingrepparttar 107830 owner of his/her wireless connectivity.

Is it harmful? I don't believe its harmful, you aren't possibly harming anything by war-chalking. War-chalking is only a process of identifying networks. It would be like going around a neighborhood and somehow making marks on public property identifying if a house has a deadbolt installed or not.

Is it stoppable? Owners of wireless networks can modify their equipment so war-drivers cannot find their wireless networks.

Conclusion War-driving and war-chalking are new activities that technology advanced people are doing for a hobby. While no laws are in place to make war-chalking illegal, maybe someday there will be.


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