1 Overlooked Key to Small Business Success

Written by Amy Andrews

Is this you?

You dreamed of owning your own business, doing what you love and enjoying unlimited earning potential. You researched. You planned. You prepared. Finally, you launched.

Your dream was realized...and then your business started to grow! Could it get any better? Well, yes, but if you're like many others, you may have encountered one unexpected challenge along repparttar way: Are you drowning inrepparttar 150628 day-to-day administrative tasks necessary to make your business successful?

Managing emails. Bookkeeping. Writing articles or newsletters. Processing invoices. Answering phone calls. Scheduling appointments. Marketing. Customer Service. Travel Planning. They all take time. Unfortunately, time is in short supply when business is booming.

The work needs to be done, but you don't want to do it yourself and you don't wantrepparttar 150629 cost orrepparttar 150630 hassle of hiring an employee, right?

So what'srepparttar 150631 key? A virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants provide a wide range of administrative services to small businesses and individuals. They are independent contractors who work from home, use their own equipment, occupy their own space and pay their own taxes and benefits. Best of all, they charge you only for time spent on your particular project(s). They typically have years of administrative experience under their belt and most are amazingly budget-conscious.

Are you inducting your employees

Written by Philip Lye

In today's fast paced marketplace it is easy to neglectrepparttar small important things!

Recently we assisted an organisation prove they had complied with their obligations in inducting their employee. The employee tried to bring a claim for severe stress againstrepparttar 150627 business. If substantiated this may have resulted inrepparttar 150628 business having been found to be breaching proven human resource management guidelines and face a large payout.

The business was able to demonstrate a clear process of induction and was exonerated!

We are all busy today. The temptation is that you hire someone and put them straight to work; after all there are bills to pay, customers to service, paperwork, sales, marketing and on goesrepparttar 150629 list. You can protect your business from risk and claims!

What is Induction?

Induction is where you (manager or business) introduce your new employee torepparttar 150630 workplace environment, work colleagues, employment conditions, policies and procedures and customs and practices of your business.

What shouldrepparttar 150631 Induction process include?

We recommend that you have an Induction Checklist! This assists in facilitatingrepparttar 150632 process and atrepparttar 150633 conclusion of Induction both you and your employee sign off.

Induction Checklist

We recommend your Induction Checklist should contain key employee and employer responsibilities as;

hours of work


employee responsibilities

pilfering policies

private use of email andrepparttar 150634 Internet

occupational health and safety

personal safety

client / employee relationships

grievance procedures

performance systems

organisational chart

anti-discrimination and harassment prevention policy

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