19 Ways to Secure Non-Returnable Book Sales

Written by Ink Tree Ltd.

Surprisingly, book stores are not always your greatest source of book sales. Most authors and publishers do want their books to be available in all ofrepparttar book stores, and rightly so. You want your book to be there, too. You want your book to be a “household name” – a topic of conversation in coffee rooms and at dinner tables everywhere. Your publicity campaign is designed to create interest in your book, and to drive buyers torepparttar 126370 book store market.

Unfortunately, those traditional book store sales aren’t always “sold”. The books might be returned over and over again. That’srepparttar 126371 sad reality ofrepparttar 126372 book retail industry.

Your book’s fame, however, can help you to acquire nonreturnable sales inrepparttar 126373 nontraditional market where a sale actually is a sale – where sales of 25,000 copies and more are not uncommon. Here are 19 strategies that will help you acquire those sales:

1. Write your book for a very broad market – nonfiction works best.

2. Write a book that people will be happy to give as a gift.

3. Add as many photos and illustrations as you can afford.

4. Keeprepparttar 126374 topic light – avoid heavy social commentaries, controversial topics, scientific theories and other “heavy” subjects.

5. Have your book professionally designed.

6. Have your book professionally edited.

7. Give your book a catchy name – avoid boring titles such as How to Have a Happy, Fulfilling Life.

8. Make sure thatrepparttar 126375 cover design is appealing, appears three dimensional and can compete with all ofrepparttar 126376 major publishing houses. Hire a professional designer.

9. Sellrepparttar 126377 benefits of your book onrepparttar 126378 back cover. That is where you will sell buyers onrepparttar 126379 reasons why they just can’t live without your book.

What a Gift

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Closerepparttar door. Write with no one looking over your shoulder. Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you. Figure out what you have to say. It’srepparttar 126369 one and only thing you have to offer.

-- Barbara Kingsolver


I ran across this quote and have often thought it true ~ not only with authors, but with graphic and stationery designers, etc.: often, people pleasers; sweet, generous, and precious ~ but missingrepparttar 126370 best. God dwells in our heart. Thus, our calling involves followingrepparttar 126371 passions God has placed there; not making everyone else happy, not meeting other's demands, not fulfilling every request inrepparttar 126372 universe. If you are tired, in service, you are carrying a weight God did not place there. Leave whatever else forrepparttar 126373 next person, as they are called. Remember, we, also, are called to trust God to dorepparttar 126374 rest.


Recently, I found a really neat site that was, almost joyously, shoutingrepparttar 126375 need to hurry up and write whatever God has given you to share. Though, it brought me to question if you even realize, to what extent, God has given yourepparttar 126376 power to make a difference. Even so, many have been in your own personal, and sometimes horrendous, tribulation for quite some time. Though, I wonder how much you realize these hard times happen to you (as they are happening to many others) so you will know where others are, whatrepparttar 126377 need is, and what words need be shared. God gave writers. That means, if you are a writer, you are a gift and it was God that decided such. It had nothing to do with your writing skills, butrepparttar 126378 desires of your heart. There is a hurting world, out there, even more desperate than our situation may feel. And during times you have no new words to share, your 'already written seed' is still available to help others that have not yet caught up to where you are spiritually.

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