16 Golden Rules Of Master Copywriting

Written by Christos Varsamis

You could spend thousands of dollars on advertisement and have extremely low or no results in sales because of your poor-planned copy. You shouldnít be amazed byrepparttar fact that huge corporations all overrepparttar 149027 world do that mistake and waste millions of dollars on false advertisement campaigns.

However, how can you write a good sales copy and killer ads that getrepparttar 149028 attention of people? There are no magic recipes for that, but you can follow some fundamental rules, which can lead to you to success if you adopt them properly.

1) Have a good product. Be honest and mean what you say or what you offer. Avoidrepparttar 149029 exaggerations and hyped claims. You stake your reputation and your business offline or online it doesnít make any difference.

2) Have a plan on your trial and error period. Donít expect to write your first copy and be a golden one. You will alter it many times, test it, retest it, try a new one and so on. Set a schedule for that. Do not fool around.

3) AIDA. Itísrepparttar 149030 proven andrepparttar 149031 bedrock ofrepparttar 149032 copy process. Always follow it. AIDA A= Attention. You must grab it instantly or you donít have a chance. I = Interest. You grab and keep their interest. If they get bored, they will leave. D= Desire. Interest must be transformed into desire for what you offer. A= Action. You must convince them to act now. Not tomorrow, next week e.t.c. They will forget it a few hours later.

4) Always work on your prospect's emotion. Most people buy something emotionally and then justify it rationally.

5) Headline isrepparttar 149033 Key. If it doesnít grab their attention then theyĎve gone away. Your headline must be a killer one.

6) Promote your best and strong benefit at first, not last. Thatís how you are going to create interest and then desire.

7) Tell stories. Thatís an excellent way to rekindle their emotion or even their passion. Stories always inspire.

Marketing Ė Like A Game Of Chess

Written by Joy Gendusa

Have you started thinking about your Valentines Day Promotion yet?

It may sound like a strange question onrepparttar day before Thanksgiving but it really isnít. When scheduling your promotions it is like a game of chess. You should always be thinking at least 3 moves ahead.

In this case each "move" should be one month. Therefore you should have been thinking about your Valentines, or February promotions as you fall asleep after your big Turkey dinner.

There are a few reasons why you need to have your promotions figured out that early.

Getting Promo Out Takes Time.

By having it all worked out months in advance you give yourself enough time forrepparttar 149004 logistics. Gettingrepparttar 149005 concept down, getting artwork put together, printing, and mailing all have to be done and this can take several weeks from being an idea in your head to being a piece of promo in your customers hands. You are also going to want to haverepparttar 149006 piece in your customersí hands at least 2 weeks beforerepparttar 149007 sale or event.

Getrepparttar 149008 Message Out Multiple Times.

Getting your promo out early lets you drive your message home through repetition. Take Christmas for example. If you start mailing to your customers inrepparttar 149009 beginning of November, you will be able to cement your company name in their head because you will be able to mail to them multiple times before they have to make their Holiday purchases. Onrepparttar 149010 other hand if you start mailing to them in late November or Early December you will not haverepparttar 149011 time to do multiple mailings. Getting one mailing out at that stage will still be much better than not sending anything at all, but nothing works better when promoting than multiple mailings withrepparttar 149012 same message torepparttar 149013 same list.

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