15 ways to kick your sales into high gear

Written by Terry Telford

If your sales are a little onrepparttar slow side, you need to polish your promotional skills and fire uprepparttar 127337 marketing machine. This isrepparttar 127338 first of a two part article with a total of 30 tried, tested and proven techniques to kick your sales into high gear! Here arerepparttar 127339 first 15 techniques.

1. Use a PS and PSS after your signature. Inrepparttar 127340 PS, summarizerepparttar 127341 key benefit. Inrepparttar 127342 PSS restaterepparttar 127343 bonus or reason for ordering right now. Only your subject line is more important than your PS!

2. Vary your subject and medium. If you send out a monthly email promotion, varyrepparttar 127344 subject line. One month, your subject line could read 'Hi! It's Jake.' The next month it could read $1.99 special forrepparttar 127345 first hundred responses. With your 'Hi! It's Jake' subject line you could send an article with tips that will help your customers with common problems. Your '$1.99 special' could be a direct ad. By alteringrepparttar 127346 format that you send, (article one time, adrepparttar 127347 next) you will get more prospects pastrepparttar 127348 subject line and into your email.

3. Mail your customers on a more frequent basis. If you send your customers a promotion once a month, double it. Send them a promotion every two weeks.

4. Use add-on sales. The best place to get an add-on sale is just before your prospect places their order. Include two buttons or links atrepparttar 127349 bottom of your order form, one for ordering justrepparttar 127350 product and one for ordering your product with an add-on. Here's a quick example. You are selling an ebook you have written called Marketing. Your add-on is a Lifetime upgrade.

a. Atrepparttar 127351 bottom ofrepparttar 127352 order form you include a text link that says 'Click here to order Marketing for only $19.95.'

b. Directly underneath, you place a second text link that says 'Click here to order Marketing, including your Lifetime Upgrades for only $29.95.

c. Place a short paragraph afterrepparttar 127353 button, explaining allrepparttar 127354 benefits of orderingrepparttar 127355 Lifetime upgrades as well. Afterrepparttar 127356 paragraph, placerepparttar 127357 Lifetime Upgrades order link again.

5. Upsell to a better product. If you are offering free autoresponders, upsell your customers to a better version of your product. Quick example. You offer a free, quality autoresponder which sends a single message. If your customer upgrades to a 'Gold' autoresponder for only $2.95 per month, they get an autoresponder which can send up to ten, time delayed messages.

6. Use current events to propel your sales. Ifrepparttar 127358 inflation figures have just risen again, offer an 'Inflation Buster' promo.

7. Offer additional products. After you have sold your main product (with an add-on) keep in contact withrepparttar 127359 customer and offer additional products. You can sell more add-ons or upgrades that complimentrepparttar 127360 original purchase, or completely new products.

Improve Your Sales Copy in Four Easy Steps

Written by Collin Almeida

It's no secret that you only have a few seconds to grabrepparttar interest of potential customers and try to persuade them to stay on your site. Nor is it a secret that bells and whistles are notrepparttar 127336 answer.

So how do you gain and keeprepparttar 127337 attention of your visitors? With killer copy!

Words arerepparttar 127338 most powerful tool you have to do business onrepparttar 127339 Internet. Withoutrepparttar 127340 right words, you could be losing thousands of dollars in profits.

The best way to write effective sales copy is to put yourself inrepparttar 127341 place ofrepparttar 127342 person who is reading it. Ask yourself all repparttar 127343 questions your potential customer is likely to want to ask, and then answer them for him.

Here are four easy steps to help you reassure your customers by answering those unasked questions: Step 1. "What's in it for me?"

Paint a picture Your customers don't care much about your background, how long you've been in business or how special you think you are. So repparttar 127344 first thing you must do is promoterepparttar 127345 major benefits, for them, of using your product. But don't just listrepparttar 127346 benefits - paint a picture so your readers can visualise themselves enjoying these benefits. Don't write: "Save time and money with Acme widgets," but "Free! Four hours a week to read a book, walk alongrepparttar 127347 beach and follow your dream when you use Acme widgets -repparttar 127348 quickest Widget onrepparttar 127349 market today."

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