15 Tips To Make Your eBay Business More Successful

Written by Robbin K. Tungett

1.Set your business up to accept as many forms of payment as you can. PayPal, personal checks, cashiers checks, both domestic and International money orders, International bank transfers, etc. Every additional payment option you add will increase your customer base.

2.Don't exclude buyers from foreign countries or with free email accounts like Hotmail or AOL. Ultimately, you are only hurting yourself. In some categoriesrepparttar best buyers are located in a different country than you are.

3.Keep your ads simple. If you confuse buyers, they will either by-pass your offerings, or leave you negative feedback because they read something into your ad that you never meant to be there.

4.Don't attempt to increase your profits by a few dollars by charging excessive postage. Buyers are not stupid. They realize what you are trying to do and most will avoid your auctions likerepparttar 148268 plague.

5.Give your customers allrepparttar 148269 facts to bid intelligently. Don't tell them you will figure out whatrepparttar 148270 postage will be afterrepparttar 148271 auction ends. Tell them in your ad what class postage you use and whatrepparttar 148272 actual amount will be.

6.Don't discriminate against buyers who don't have a perfect feedback record. As long as you have good business procedures in place (such as waiting an appropriate period of time for checks to clear), there is no need to look downward at buyers whose reputation might have been damaged just because they got a bad deal. It happens to everyone and someday it will happen to you.

7.Don't discriminate against buyers who have little or no feedback. Remember, you were inrepparttar 148273 same position at one time. Once you have been in business for a while you'll learn that a buyer with little or no feedback is no more likely to screw you than one with a shooting star.

8.Don't make customers jump through hoops in order to buy from you. Just because you had a bad experience with one buyer, that doesn't mean you should threaten everyone else in advance. Doing so won't hurt your customers, but it will hurt your business.

MLM Home Based Business - Generating The Leads You Need

Written by Charles Fuchs

The biggest challenge for most any MLM home based business has nothing to do with selling its products. The chief hurdle a MLM home based business usually faces involves building a successful downline. Just how do you find recruits who are genuinely interested in becoming part of your MLM home based business sales team?

Well, before you rush out and start trying to generate leads for your MLM home based business, you need to have a plan. It isnít enough to tell people about your MLM home based business and its products and expect them to sign up. You need to know as much as you possibly can about your MLM distributor,repparttar products, andrepparttar 148225 compensation plan so that you can answer any questions a MLM lead may have.

The more you know andrepparttar 148226 more comfortable with it you are,repparttar 148227 easier it is to make people want to become part of your MLM home based business. Not knowingrepparttar 148228 answers to their questions or giving vague answers is more likely to make any MLM leads you do generate mistrustful of you and your MLM home based business. And be sure to have a follow-up plan for what youíll do after youíve generated some leads and started making contacts because it generally takes several contacts before people take action of any kind, whether buying a product or signing up for a MLM home based business opportunity.

Once you know your MLM home based business inside and out, youíre ready to start generating those MLM leads. One ofrepparttar 148229 first places to look, of course, is to your friends and personal acquaintances. Make a list of everyone you know. Youíll likely be surprised by how long that list is, andrepparttar 148230 people you know are a good place to start looking for MLM recruits. A lot ofrepparttar 148231 time, even if your friends and acquaintances arenít interested in a MLM business themselves, they can give you names of people they know who will be interested in your MLM home based business opportunity. And if they donít volunteer any names, donít hesitate to ask them, politely of course, for names of people you can contact.

Another thing you should do to generate MLM leads for your home based business is start collecting. Business cards. Email addresses. Phone numbers. You never know who may or may not be interested in an MLM home based business of their ownóand you wonít know unless you contact them and ask. Again,repparttar 148232 person you contact may not be interested in a MLM home based business himself, but more often than not,repparttar 148233 person will know someone else who is. Cold-calling isnít necessarily easy when you first start doing it, but as you gain experience, youíll get more comfortable and confident, and that confidence will ultimately pay off. Just be prepared to hear no and donít take it personally.

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