14 Things I've Learned From Country Music

Written by Emily Sigers

1) A man is not a man without a cowboy hat.

2) You won't miss someone 'til they're gone. And when they're gone, they're gone for good. Just warning ya.

3) NASCAR is cool.

4) Lonely is not cool.

5) A dog probably really is man's best friend.

6) Home-wreckin' hussies must be dealt with immediately.

7) The starving artist who got their start playing in honky-tonks will always make it big. Always.

8) Watermelons and apple pies should have their own sections onrepparttar food pyramid.

The Inspired Heart - A Book Review

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Spiritual food forrepparttar soul: Allow Jerry to take you on his magical and enlightening soul pilgrimage. As he invites you to accompany him along his life adventures, he introduces you to selfless acts ofrepparttar 143066 deep, human spirit and his fascinating relationships. Often, by chance encounters, Jerry immersesrepparttar 143067 reader into impromptu stories of surrealistic wonder and actual life experiences.

From his friendship with two, elderly sages; or E.T.,repparttar 143068 street kid - Jerry's autobiography inspiresrepparttar 143069 uninspired, captivatesrepparttar 143070 soul and brings a vital spark to everyday monotony. Jerry illustrates and exhibitsrepparttar 143071 simplest of miracles - through soul journey.

His words, "...Inrepparttar 143072 shadow lands of life's most terrifying experiences, something inherently noble inrepparttar 143073 human heart unexpectedly enters in and rendersrepparttar 143074 voices of good and evil mute..." Poetically expressed, Jerry's wisdomful words echo transcendental advice intorepparttar 143075 inner-knowing and evolutionary, inner-peace process.

Broken down into humankind's most simple form, Jerry withdraws from `normal' human existence to fully embrace life's spiritual side. (His eventful life, in my own opinion, equated torepparttar 143076 life ofrepparttar 143077 so-called Jerry inrepparttar 143078 film, Down and Out in Beverly Hills.) Noncomedically however, he lived purely off chance and engaged in most uninspiring conditions; and made do with what life had to offer - never complaining...only transforming.

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