13 Steps to Increasing Your Link Luck

Written by Courtney Heard

Link development can be an absolute nightmare. It takes up most of a marketer’s time andrepparttar yield isn’t always what we originally hoped. Worrying about PR, one way inbound links, triangle linking, where to find quality sites to exchange with, it’s all just a huge headache. To be honest, there’s no real way to wash your hands of it, unless you have a huge budget for purchasing text links or to hire someone to do your linking for you. So here are 13 ways to increase your linking luck. They require a little bit of effort, but executed properly, these steps will only bring your site success.

1. Create a page or series of pages on which you will postrepparttar 119325 links you are reciprocating. It is important to make sure these pages are a valuable resource to anyone who actually visits them. Try to avoidrepparttar 119326 use ofrepparttar 119327 word “link” or phrase “link exchange” in your body text, title or file names. Use “resource” instead. Allow visitors to these pages to suggest additions without using link exchange language like “submit site”.

2. Keep your outgoing links relevant, but don’t be too specific. For example, http://www.realestatelicense.com - this is a real estate license school, so we would list resources for real estate, real estate training, post secondaries, trade schools, education, careers, mortgages, architecture, interior design, contractors, etc. It is important to keep your entire web site’s keyword density to a decent level and this includes not justrepparttar 119328 keywords you are targeting, but keywords that relate torepparttar 119329 theme of your site. keeping your site’s keyword density to a good level isrepparttar 119330 reason why you should only list related web sites. Dedicating a page on http://www.realestatelicense.com to baking will bring down that site’s keyword density.

3. Keep an eye on your link to text ratio. Write paragraphs for each link page explaining what types of sites visitors will find on this page, how you hope this will help your visitors and that they can suggest additions if they know of any. You can also add comments to each link you have onrepparttar 119331 site. Too many links and not enough text will tell search engines that this page is a link page and is only there for search engine optimization purposes. Search engines like real resource pages, that are there forrepparttar 119332 use of your site’s visitors.

4. Don’t worry too much about PR - search trends are beginning to show that PR is less and less important. As I’ve said in previous articles, just likerepparttar 119333 saying “no publicity is bad publicity”, no inbound link is a bad one,repparttar 119334 more links you have,repparttar 119335 more your site will be seen, plain and simple. Relevancy isrepparttar 119336 new PR. Keep your outbounds relevant and useful, regardless of PR, and you’ll do fine.

5. Submit your site to directories, including industry and geographically specific. This is a universally known tactic, but most people just do it once. You’ve got to search every once in a while to find new directories, search engines and other people’s resource pages. They pop up daily, keeping on top of it will berepparttar 119337 most beneficial thing you can do for your site.

Reciprocal Link exchange Management

Written by Ken Austin

When shopping online for Link Management Software that can help create and automate your links directory, some important features that you should look for are as follows:

Createrepparttar links page based on your own template.

Allow addition or removal of links atrepparttar 119324 click of a button and haverepparttar 119325 links page rebuilt.

Allow webmasters to submit their site.

Notify you when a webmaster has submitted their site and give yourepparttar 119326 option of accepting or rejecting their submission.

Automatically check whether link partners linked back to you.

Help to automaterepparttar 119327 process of finding new partners.

Be easy to install.

The key to success for a website or online business is good search engine ranking. All ofrepparttar 119328 major search engines use link popularity to determine how well a site will rank sorepparttar 119329 more high quality, relevant links that lead to your site,repparttar 119330 higher it will rank. LinkMachine makes it easy to getrepparttar 119331 links you need .

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