13 Free or Cheap Effective Advertising Methods

Written by Donnie Baird

Advertising isrepparttar life blood of any business, no matter how big or how small. No advertising usually means no business. Large companies have an almost unlimited source of advertising dollars. Small business owners onrepparttar 117049 other hand, are limited inrepparttar 117050 amount of money they have for advertising. So,repparttar 117051 problem is how to make ones advertising dollar getrepparttar 117052 most bang forrepparttar 117053 buck. It's not enough to advertise. Your advertising must be effective. So, once you have a website or an ad to advertise, check outrepparttar 117054 following ways to advertise for little or no cost. 1. Advertising coop- Many businesses, especially work at home businesses, offer advertising coops. They will send people to your business for a fee. Usuallyrepparttar 117055 fee is relatively small. This is nice because you already know that these people have at least some interest in your business. Although they may not spend a penny with you, you at least getrepparttar 117056 exposure. 2. Website-The age ofrepparttar 117057 internet has expandedrepparttar 117058 possibility of owning your own business to an almost unlimited number of people. It also has expandedrepparttar 117059 advertising audience to a tremendous amount of new people, world wide, who otherwise you would never have been able to reach. Although websites will cost you to get hosted, you can advertise it many ways for free. Things like link exchanges and article submissions allow you to get exposure to your website with no cost except for you time. And as we will see in a moment, your website can be advertised many other ways for free. The advantage of a website is that it centralizes all your business and products into one central location. It gives you somewhere to send people so that you don't have to do as much selling because you let your website dorepparttar 117060 selling for you. 3. Answering Machine-Changerepparttar 117061 message on your answering machine to reflectrepparttar 117062 fact that you are now in business for yourself. You could say something like," Hello. You have reachedrepparttar 117063 home office of John Doe of My Business.com….." That way when you call that person back, they may ask you about your business and thusrepparttar 117064 door is open to discussing your business. 4. Put a sign in your front yard or inrepparttar 117065 yard of a friend or relative with your name and website address on it. This is a good way for your neighbors to find out about your new business as well as any people that ride by your house.


Written by JazzDancer_02

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