13 Don'ts on Child Safety

Written by Alma De La Cruz

For years, we have been taught that 13 is an unlucky number: Don’t go up torepparttar 13th floor of a building and don’t go out on Fridayrepparttar 140941 13th, our grandmothers used to say. But 13 is also a sacred number due to its secret knowledge, mystery and tangible powers.

This last revelation has been brought masterfully down by a professional who is known for her experience inrepparttar 140942 study of child safety. Author Debra Smiley Holtzman brings a particular expertise ofrepparttar 140943 number 13 torepparttar 140944 pages of “The Safe Baby: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Home Safety.”

With this do-it-yourself manual, parents and thinking-to-be parents will learnrepparttar 140945 essentials of protectingrepparttar 140946 baby. I took this fromrepparttar 140947 release ofrepparttar 140948 book. Here's Debra Holtzman's List of 13:

1. Balloons: More children have suffocated on uninflated balloons and pieces of balloons than any other type of toy. Balloon related deaths are more common among children ages three and older than among younger children. Keep balloons away from children under eight years of age.

2. Storage chests: Suffocation deaths occur in such places when children crawl inside and cannot escape. The best choice is one without a lid or one with a lightweight, removable one. If a chest closes, make sure it has ventilation holes.

3. Bunkbeds: To prevent entrapment, all spaces betweenrepparttar 140949 guardrail andrepparttar 140950 bed frame and inrepparttar 140951 head and footboards should be less than three-and- one- half inches and there should be guardrails on both sides. Children underrepparttar 140952 age of six should never sleep onrepparttar 140953 top bed.

4. Stuffed toys: Be aware that seams can separate and allow stuffing or plastic pellets to be released, presenting a choking hazard to young children. Check also for small detachable parts, security of eyes, nose and mouth of stuffed toys.

5. Art Supplies: Always look for this label: ASTM D-4236. This label meansrepparttar 140954 product has been reviewed by a toxicologist. If it is necessary, cautionary information will be included with this label. Children under age 12 should never be allowed to use hazardous art materials, which can expose your child to toxic substances, including lead, cadmium, nickel and organic solvents.

Higher Self: Growing Inside of Us

Written by Alma De La Cruz

Maybe once in a lifetime, we find ourselves seeking spiritual growth mostly when everything we try to do is hard to achieve. Amongrepparttar many questions that consequently come out are: Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a Higher Power?

Since arguing over thesequestions surely can bring down a lot of lines, I will present to you some definitions fromrepparttar 140940 common New Age term “Higher Self,” which I believe isrepparttar 140941 very important start of all well being. The Higher Self is your connection to your spirit or spirituality. It isrepparttar 140942 consciousness of your soul. It is that part of you which is closer to God and has never forgotten its divine connection. It is only concerned and actively interested with how YOU are going to evolve your spirit. Your “Higher Self” does not grieve, feel pain or failure.

I also like what Sanaya Roman teaches and explains in her book Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self (Earth Life Book III). Through practical techniques, Spiritual Growth teaches readers how to move to higher consciousness, to their higher selves, and create a vision of their higher self. Thus it could be a great proposal, or any other book related to personal enlightenment.

For a better picture, think ofrepparttar 140943 “Lower Self” or ego personality asrepparttar 140944 contrary of higher self. The lower self is encapsulated within its own desires; once a desire is accomplished, other desires spring up. It never stops.

However, spiritual techniques like meditation assist people to switch from Lower Self torepparttar 140945 Higher Self, which is used by certain schools of spiritual teaching such asrepparttar 140946 Golden Dawn and Theosophy.

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