12 Ways To Strengthen Your Visitors Trust In You

Written by Ken Hill

1. Publish testimonials on your site from your satisfied customers.

Ask your customers if you can use their comments complimenting your products or customer service on your site.

You can also ask for your customers feedback on your site to garner more testimonials as well as to get valuable suggestions about your product.

If you would like to get testimonials from other experts consider giving your colleagues a complimentary copy of your product in exchange for a review.

2. Make your ad copy personable. Try writing your ad copy as if you are writing to a friend.

3. Don't make exaggerated claims or promises in your copy.

Focus onrepparttar benefits your product or service will provide to your visitor but keep your copy truthful as well as hard hitting.

4. Include an "about us" page on your site that tells your visitors about you and your company.

5. Publish your privacy policy on your site. Assure your visitors thatrepparttar 117277 information that you collect from them will not be shared or sold to anyone.

6. Use a secure server to process your transactions.

Walk your visitors throughrepparttar 117278 purchasing process, making it as simple as possible. Let people that are new torepparttar 117279 internet know they have nothing to fear from ordering from you.

Also have a system in place that allows you to instantly notify your customers that you have received their order, that thanks them for purchasing from you, and that gives them information about contacting you if they have any questions or problems.

Landscape Techniques - Lawn Aeration

Written by Henry Thompson

Landscape Techniques - Lawn Aeration Article by Henry Thompson Copyright 2003 by ProGardenBiz ProGardenBiz, an online magazine http://www.progardenbiz.com

Aerate, inrepparttar context of landscape and grounds maintenance, means "to supplyrepparttar 117276 soil with air". It is a contractor technique to aid in maintaining and improving lawns. Aeration improvesrepparttar 117277 lawn appearance, usability, and it's ability to absorb water from irrigation. Aeration is important forrepparttar 117278 garden as well asrepparttar 117279 lawn, butrepparttar 117280 techniques for garden aeration are different than for lawns, andrepparttar 117281 subject for another column.

An aerator isrepparttar 117282 equipment that performsrepparttar 117283 work and it's a machine every gardener and landscape maintenance contractor should own. If you perform lawn maintenance or renovate lawns you need an aerator. Aeration is a standard component of any grounds maintenance program. For seasonal work you can rentrepparttar 117284 equipment. If you have a larger customer base you should consider adding an aerator to your contractor equipment. Landscape companies will generally find it more profitable to ownrepparttar 117285 equipment instead of renting.

First let's discussrepparttar 117286 need for aeration andrepparttar 117287 benefits of a regular aeration program in landscape maintenance.

Grass roots need air as well as water and fertilizer. The grass can actually poison itself as a result ofrepparttar 117288 various chemical processes that occur inrepparttar 117289 individual grass plants ifrepparttar 117290 grass roots do not have enough air. Soil that lacks sufficient air can result in; slow growth inrepparttar 117291 affected grass, excess irrigation runoff due to poor permeability, shallow root systems, and a lawn that's highly susceptible to insects, disease, and heat damage.

Soil compaction isrepparttar 117292 most common example of soil deficient in air. The growth habits of grass in compacted soil are shallow root development, a substantial decrease inrepparttar 117293 number of grass plants per square foot, and an inability to properly use applied fertilizers.

Soil compaction in lawns is caused primarily by pedestrian traffic, whether it is children playing in a playground or people taking shortcuts across a lawn. Stoppingrepparttar 117294 use ofrepparttar 117295 affected lawns is generally impractical. A better solution would be frequent aeration and, depending uponrepparttar 117296 composition ofrepparttar 117297 soil,repparttar 117298 application of lawn and garden amendments such as peat, sand, or gypsum.

The benefits of aeration are an increase in the:

- growth rate ofrepparttar 117299 grass thus an improvement in its ability to withstand and recover from pedestrian use - ability of water and fertilizer to penetrate torepparttar 117300 grass roots soil's absorption rate from irrigation - root growth activity contributing torepparttar 117301 strength and health ofrepparttar 117302 grass - ability of bacteria present inrepparttar 117303 soil to break down and decomposerepparttar 117304 thatch layer thus increasingrepparttar 117305 soils ability to hold sufficient amounts of moisture between waterings - grass's ability to withstand low water situations and heat stress

Aeration is a technique best applied in late summer or early fall for cool season grasses and inrepparttar 117306 spring for warm season grasses. This can also be a good time to overseed and topdress/ amendrepparttar 117307 aerated lawn. One drawback to aeration is that it increasesrepparttar 117308 probability of weed infestation thus it can become important to include pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control measures. In addition to being beneficial torepparttar 117309 lawn, these services are an add-on profit center forrepparttar 117310 landscape maintenance contractor. Aeration services are also often offered by garden centers and nursery businesses.

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