12 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home On A Budget

Written by Gail Miller

How often do we look round our homes and think, "I wish I could spruce things up a bit ... if I only hadrepparttar money"? Well, brightening up a home certainly doesn’t have to break repparttar 100189 bank. Follow my tips on how to give your home a lift without having to spend a fortune;

1; Freshen up your rooms with scented candles. As well as providing fragrant aromas, candles also add a magical ambience to rooms.

2; Cut a 5cm square from a small sponge. Using a tester paint pot, sponge a row of squares roundrepparttar 100190 centre of your room. Above this, sponge a second row, to make a check pattern. A third row can be added if desired, and different colours used for a more dramatic effect. MUCH cheaper than wallpaper border.

3; Cover plain cushions with fabric remnants of either brightly coloured fabric, fake fur, or elegant chenille or velvet.

4; Give shelves a pretty look using gingham fabric made into a runner, edged with lace.

5; Buy four greetings cards designed byrepparttar 100191 same artist. They could be romantic, abstract, modern etc. Frame them in cheap clip frames, and display together.

6; Have a two or three tester sized, jewel bright, paint colours mixed at your local DIY superstore. Zing up your accessories, such as picture frames, plant pots, or paintwork.

The New EZRip Makes Drywall Scoring Easy!

Written by Richard S. Deboi

The EZRip Drywall Tool Company today unveiled its drywall ripping tool EZRip which enables drywall professionals to cut wallboard more effectively. The EZRip vastly improvesrepparttar efficiency of drywall cutting and completely eliminates traditional training time.

The EZRip makes scoring drywall amazingly simple, and gives yourepparttar 100188 most precise measurement possible inrepparttar 100189 shortest amount of time. The EZRip conveniently combines measuring, marking, and ripping into one quick and easy operation. No more using your thumb as a guide or snapping a very long chalk line!

The EZRip features a lightweight, telescopic design with additional storage

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