12 Ways To Outsell Your Competition!

Written by Larry Dotson

The keys to outselling your competition is to compare your product to theirs. When you findrepparttar differences between products, use your findings to improve your product. Below are 12 things you can compare and improve upon to outsell your competition.

1. Price- Can you offer a lower price? Can you offer a higher price and increaserepparttar 127516 perceived value of your product? Do you offer easier payment options than your competition?

2. Packaging- Can you package your product more attractively? Dorepparttar 127517 colors of your package relate to your product? Can you package your product into a smaller or larger package?

3. Delivery- Can you offering cheaper shipping? Do you have a high enough profit margin to offer free shipping? Can you ship your products faster?

4. Benefits- Can you offer more benefits than your competition? Are your benefits stronger? Do you have believable proof that supports your claims?

5. Quality- Is your product built and tested to last longer than your competition? Can you improverepparttar 127518 overall quality of your product?

"Cash In Big During The Slow Sales Period!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

EVERYONE is experiencing slow sales right now.

Considering all ofrepparttar world events that have hit America duringrepparttar 127515 last two months, we are lucky it is not much worse.

America is at war. This makes for an uncertain economic environment no matter in what part ofrepparttar 127516 world you might happen to live.

But that should not keep us from moving ahead while doing everything we can to improve, expand and increase our sales.

Here are a few KEY tips to "Cash In Big" right now:

1. Have A Sale.

Just dropping your price is not alwaysrepparttar 127517 answer. Review your sales records and see what is NOT selling for you right now. Then droprepparttar 127518 price and let ALL of your customers know about it.

Set a time limit to make it important to act now.

2. Re-Package Your Produce or Service.

Take those slow moving items and give them new life. Re-Package your product or service to give your customers more value for their money. We have had excellent results by bundling multiple ad exposures and dropping our per ad cost to less than half.

Yet our average per customer sale is about $100.00

You can maintain a good rate of return at a good average per customer whilerepparttar 127519 customer buys a product or service at greatly reduced prices.

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