12 Tips To Make Your eBay Business More Profitable

Written by Robbin K. Tungett

Sometimes it'srepparttar simple things that can make your eBay business more profitable and run smoother. Here are twelve things you can do that will lead to more sales and increased profits on eBay.

1. Use auction management tools or services

Using an auction management tool or service allows you to automate most of your day-to-day auction business and frees up time for other activities. There are numerous ones available andrepparttar 149065 majority of them offer a free 30-day trial period. Find one that fits your needs and budget, learn how to use all of its' features, and then stick with it. Make certainrepparttar 149066 one you choose supports eBay's Item Specifics and Pre-Filled features.

2. Target all your items towardrepparttar 149067 same market

There's nothing wrong with offering several different items on eBay, but try to sell things that targetrepparttar 149068 same general market or 2-3 markets. You will find this makes it much easier for satisfied customers to buy from you again. The majority of my customers have returned to buy five or more items from me inrepparttar 149069 past year. You should strive for this also.

3. End all your auctions onrepparttar 149070 same day and duringrepparttar 149071 same general time frame

Whatever you are selling, test different days and times ofrepparttar 149072 day to determine what works best for you. Once you determine what day and time works best for you, stick to that time. Your customers will come to know your auctions always end on a certain day at a certain time and know that they can go onrepparttar 149073 computer on Sunday night at 10 PM, for example, and be able to bid.

4. Fast shipping equates to repeat sales

We live in an instant gratification world. Once an item is paid for, get it inrepparttar 149074 mail as quickly as possible. This will lead to higher customer feedback and repeat sales. If you aren't seeing comments about how fast a customer received their item in 60 to 70 percent of your feedback, it's taking you too long to get things inrepparttar 149075 mail and it's hurting your business.

5. Give your product a vacation once in a while

It pays to stop listing an item, or type of item, every once in a while so that potential customers don't begin to take it for granted that it will always be available. You will find that if you don't list an item for two or three weeks, when you do it again, it will almost always result in increased bidding and higher bids.

6. Make use of eBay's "Second Chance" offers

Are you in the right business?

Written by Kara Kelso

Often times we see people struggling with their online businesses, and while normally it's marketing related problems,repparttar real problem may be you are inrepparttar 149064 wrong business.

There's thousands of articles on how to promote your business, and other related materials, but very little on how to choose your business. The normal response to a request for information on starting a business is glowing recommendations from current reps and how fabulous their opportunities is. The problem is, while they may be inrepparttar 149065 perfect business for them it may not berepparttar 149066 perfect business for you. Thus causing problems later on.

You may have been given advice before you started on how to choose your business. You may have heard "go with your passion, you need to loverepparttar 149067 products!". Some may not have heard this at all, but joined your business because ofrepparttar 149068 compensation plan. While both of these points are important, they aren'trepparttar 149069 only thing you should look at when joining a company.

Some may want to promote only online, butrepparttar 149070 company prevents this. Some companies deal mostly online while you want to take your business offline. Being in this situation can hold you back, and there are just too many options for direct sales companies to settle on one that restricts you.

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