12 Tips To Find The Best Online Program

Written by Brian Pratt

Youíre looking around to join your first online program or just looking to diversify your existing revenue streams.

There are many programs onrepparttar net, all claiming to berepparttar 146781 best. Some will take you forward and some will take your money. How do you decide which isrepparttar 146782 best online program for you?

Here are 12 tips to findingrepparttar 146783 right one:

1. Longevity. Just likerepparttar 146784 offline world, programs come and go. You will invest a lot to promote your new online program. You need to be sure they will be still be in business inrepparttar 146785 years to come. Some ofrepparttar 146786 best have been around 20 years or more. There is a reason why they are still there. Look for a program, which has been in business for at least 2 years.

2. Safety in numbers. If many other people have joined of this program, it means a good cross section ofrepparttar 146787 community feels there is something there for them. The largerrepparttar 146788 member base,repparttar 146789 betterrepparttar 146790 chance that you too will be successful.

3. Product Line: A broad product line is very important. Partly becauserepparttar 146791 largerrepparttar 146792 product rangerepparttar 146793 more people you will be able to sell something to. Secondly, because you will want to growrepparttar 146794 number of products you sell over time. Having a broad product range means you donít have to join another program to add a product to your line.

4. Pricing: The pricing ofrepparttar 146795 programís products must be in line with its competitors. It is easy to check pricing onrepparttar 146796 net. Potential customers will dorepparttar 146797 same before buying your product.

5. Training. The Internet is constantly evolving and we must all constantly retrain to survive. A program with a comprehensive training program will ensure you keep up withrepparttar 146798 play with a minimum of effort.

6. Induction program. When starting with a new program you have lots of questions aboutrepparttar 146799 products,repparttar 146800 compensation plan and marketing support. Its importantrepparttar 146801 program has a good induction system to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Itís also very important thatrepparttar 146802 people you introduce torepparttar 146803 organisation are trained quickly and with minimal effort from you. This allows you to focus on growing your downline.

Using External Coding To Improve Search Engine Placement

Written by George Peirson

Do you have lots of JavaScript coding inrepparttar header section of your web pages? Do you re-list your CSS styles atrepparttar 146780 top of every page? Do you have JavaScript coding spread throughout your web pages?

If you answered yes to any of these questions your site may be driving away search engine spiders and losing search engine position ranking.

As you can imagine search engine spiders have a lot of pages to get through onrepparttar 146781 web when they are indexing sites. To improve their speed and efficiency search engines program their spiders to give up easily if they have problems with a page or if they have to wade through too much code to findrepparttar 146782 relevant content.

This is one ofrepparttar 146783 reasons why it is so important to put your keywords as close torepparttar 146784 top ofrepparttar 146785 page as possible. This wayrepparttar 146786 search bot will seerepparttar 146787 keywords before giving up and moving on torepparttar 146788 next page.

But what do you do if you have lots of JavaScript code or CSS styles pushing your keywords downrepparttar 146789 page in your coding? You need to find a way to cut down on all that code that gets inrepparttar 146790 way ofrepparttar 146791 search engines properly indexing your page.

We do this by movingrepparttar 146792 JavaScript and CSS styles offrepparttar 146793 page and into external files. This is a fairly easy and straight forward process and can haverepparttar 146794 added benefit of making your pages load faster as well, whichrepparttar 146795 search engines also like.

In many ways CSS styles and JavaScript work in a similar fashion. You set up functions in a script or formatting in a style sheet section, and then refer to that section in your html code. For instance if you have a JavaScript that displays a clock on your page you would haverepparttar 146796 JavaScript functions forrepparttar 146797 clock listed in your head section, then you would simply call that function fromrepparttar 146798 place onrepparttar 146799 page whererepparttar 146800 clock would be displayed.

Similarly with CSS you set up your styles ahead of time in a Styles section ofrepparttar 146801 page head, then you simply refer torepparttar 146802 styles as needed in your html coding. One benefit of this is that it cuts down dramatically onrepparttar 146803 amount of formatting code needed when compared to using Font tags.

If you want to userepparttar 146804 same JavaScript or CSS styles on a different page you could copy all that code ontorepparttar 146805 new page. But this would cause two distinct problems, first you would be adding a lot of code to each page and second if you wanted to make a change torepparttar 146806 JavaScript or CSS styles you would need to do so on every page thatrepparttar 146807 code had been copied onto.

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