12 Quick Tips For Beginning Webmasters

Written by Dan B. Cauthron

Starting off onrepparttar right foot with any new business is not just important, it's imperative. This is especially true on repparttar 131861 Internet, where first impressions are made in a matter of seconds, and can make or breakrepparttar 131862 potential for success.

A sales focused website functions simply as a retail cyber-store. With that in mind, it's just as important that visitors be welcomed and feel comfortable while browsing a website, as they would be made to feel in a shop on Main Street.

Here are a few quick tips that will help to gain your cyber-visitor's interest, and keep her browsing for awhile.

1. Capturerepparttar 131863 visitors attention immediately with a bold headline or a thought provoking question. You have about 10 seconds to convince a first time visitor that it might be worth her time to browse your site further.

2. Keep slow loading graphics, animations, and flash presentations to a minimum. Most visitors will not wait long before clicking off to another site.

3. Avoid loud or overbearing color schemes. What may look great on your living room walls might be difficult to view and read on-screen. Background colors should be pale or white, with dark or black font for maximum readability.

4. Compose your primary message to focus onrepparttar 131864 visitor's interests, needs and desires, and how you and your site can fulfill those. Few people will be interested in your accomplishments or how great you think your business is. Save that forrepparttar 131865 'about us' page.

5. Inject a conversational style intorepparttar 131866 message that your website conveys, avoiding dry corporate syntax or technical jargon. A site that portrays a personality and casual human element will be much more attractive to repeat visitors.

6. Proofread carefully for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. This is imperative to presenting a professional image of you and your business. It is recommended thatrepparttar 131867 proofreading be done by someone other than yourself, and who has not previously readrepparttar 131868 script.

The Meta Search Engines: A Web Searcher's Best Friends

Written by Daniel Bazac

I know what you're thinking: Google gives you such accurate results that you don't need any other search tool. Well, let's see about that. You might - or might not - know that no major search engine indexes ALLrepparttar existing Web pages. OpenFind states that it indexes 3.5 billion Web pages, Google claims 2.4 billion, AlltheWeb - 2.1 billion, Inktomi - a little more than 2 billion, WiseNut - 1.5 billion and AltaVista - 1 billion Web pages. The truth is, nobody knows how widerepparttar 131858 Web is. Some say 5 billion pages, some 8 billion, some even more. Anyway, what's definite is thatrepparttar 131859 major search engines (SEs) index only a fraction ofrepparttar 131860 "publicly indexable Web". Moreover, every SE indexes different Web pages, which means if you use only one SE you will miss relevant results that can be found in other search engines. One way to more effectively searchrepparttar 131861 Web is to use a meta search engine.

What Is A Meta Search Engine? A meta search engine (also know as multi-threaded engine) is a search tool that sends your query simultaneously to several search engines (SEs), Web directories (WDs) and sometimes torepparttar 131862 so-called Invisible (Deep) Web, a collection of online information not indexed by traditional search engines. After collectingrepparttar 131863 results,repparttar 131864 meta search engine (MSE) will removerepparttar 131865 duplicate links and, according to its algorithm, combine/rankrepparttar 131866 results into a single merged list. An important note: Unlikerepparttar 131867 individual search engines and directories, repparttar 131868 meta search engines 1. Do not have their own databases and 2. Do not accept URL submissions. Pros and Cons of Meta Search Engines Pros: MSEs save searchers a considerable amount of time by sparing themrepparttar 131869 trouble of running a query in each search engine. The results - most ofrepparttar 131870 time - are extremely relevant. MSEs can be used by Webmasters to find their site's presence, rankings and link popularity inrepparttar 131871 major SEs. Cons: Because some SEs or WDs do not support advanced searching techniques such as quotation marks to enclose phrases or Boolean operators, no (or irrelevant) results from those SEs will appear inrepparttar 131872 MSEs results list when those techniques are used. MSEs Come In Four Flavors: 1. Real MSEs- which aggregate/rankrepparttar 131873 results in one page 2. Pseudo MSEs type I- which exclusively grouprepparttar 131874 results by search engine 3. Pseudo MSEs type II- which open a separate browser window for each search engine used and 4. Search Utilities, software search tools.

The following provides detailed information on each ofrepparttar 131875 four MSE types, along with my ranking: 1. Real MSEs These real MSEs simultaneously searchrepparttar 131876 major search engines, aggregaterepparttar 131877 results, eliminaterepparttar 131878 duplicates and returnrepparttar 131879 most relevant matches, according torepparttar 131880 engine's algorithm. Following is a list of a few meta search engines that you might find useful. It's by no means complete, but it might help you find what you need. (The criteria I used to determinerepparttar 131881 best MSEs were: repparttar 131882 amount andrepparttar 131883 relevance ofrepparttar 131884 results, repparttar 131885 capability to handle advanced searches, repparttar 131886 ability to enable users to customize searches, repparttar 131887 speed of their searches and others.)

ez2www [ ez2www.com ] Searchesrepparttar 131888 best SEs - AlltheWeb, Google, AltaVista, Teoma, Wisenut - and directories - Yahoo! and Open Directory. Through its "Advanced Search" function it also searches a small part ofrepparttar 131889 Invisible (Deep) Web. It also searches news, newsgroups, MP3, images and many, many more. Provides excellent results in a very neat interface. Created in September 2000 byrepparttar 131890 French search engine developer Holomedia. THE best! Vivísimo [ vivisimo.com ] Usesrepparttar 131891 clustering technology, meaning matches are organized in folders. Don't likerepparttar 131892 frames? Just modifyrepparttar 131893 size of bothrepparttar 131894 upper andrepparttar 131895 left frames. This MSE was created by researchers at Carnegie-Mellon University. Advanced searching options available: exact phrase, Boolean operators, fields searching (domain, host, title, URL, etc.) and more. A jewel forrepparttar 131896 serious searcher. Query Server [ www.queryserver.com/web.htm ] Searches an impressive list of 11 SEs - everything important except Google. But don't worry: Query Server searches Yahoo!, Netscape and AOL, all partially powered by Google. This is another example ofrepparttar 131897 clustering technology. Highly customizable metasearch tool. You can modifyrepparttar 131898 appearance ofrepparttar 131899 results page, selectingrepparttar 131900 search engines,repparttar 131901 amount of results, their timeout, etc. It supports quotation marks to enclose phrases, repparttar 131902 Boolean syntax and parentheses. Very professional. Infonetware [ www.infonetware.com ] Searchesrepparttar 131903 Web and provides relevant results, organized in topics, in a very clean interface. This MSE is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and is a very good tool.

Metaseek [ www.pcdigest.net/metasearch/en/main.shtml ] Excellent MSE from Ukraine. Searches major international and local search engines. Besidesrepparttar 131904 Web you can search images, MP3, FTP files, news and more. You can use "Phrase" (""), "natural language" processing, Boolean logic and field searching (by URL, title, site/domain or link). Very nice. IBoogie [ iboogie.com ] Uses a minimalist design. This MSE performs intelligent clustering of results. It searchesrepparttar 131905 Web, repparttar 131906 Invisible (Deep) Web, images, video and audio files. Vinden.NL [ www.vinden.nl ] Searchesrepparttar 131907 best providing very good results in a clean interface. This MSE comes fromrepparttar 131908 Netherlands. Search Online [ www.searchonline.info ] Uses an excellent selection of search engines and directories. This MSE provides relevant results in a relatively crowded interface. For each result you can seerepparttar 131909 search engine whererepparttar 131910 hit was found, and its ranking. Meta Bear [ www.metabear.com ] Provides relevant results from both international and Russian sites. Be sure you typerepparttar 131911 query in repparttar 131912 Search The World box. Web Scout [ www.webscout.com ] Searchesrepparttar 131913 Web, news, newsgroups, auctions, MP3 files and jobs. This Australian MSE utilizesrepparttar 131914 major SEs - except Google - and provides relevant matches in a clean results list. argosa:de [ www.argosa.de ] Searches 17 international and local SEs. I suggest you avoid checkingrepparttar 131915 boxes of Acoon, Abacho, GoClick and ah_ha.com search engines, because they give many irrelevant hits. This is Germany's first MSE, and provides excellent results organized by relevance, source (quelle) or title. Experts Avenue [ www.expertsavenue.com ] Searches different search engines simultaneously for Web pages, auctions, jobs and forums and provides very relevant results in a neat interface. Enables online language translation of Web pages. Click on "Translate" and you will be brought to AltaVista's Babelfish translation service, powered by SYSTRAN. InfoGrid [ www.infogrid.com ] Provides excellent results in an easy to read layout, despite a very confusing Home Page crowded and with frames. This MSE searchesrepparttar 131916 "big ones" including Google, AlltheWeb, Yahoo! and Open Directory. It also searches newswires, auctions, discussion forums, MP3, FTP files and more. To avoidrepparttar 131917 frames inrepparttar 131918 results list selectrepparttar 131919 option "Open inrepparttar 131920 Current Window". Suchspider.de [ www.suchspider.de/meta-suchmaschinen ] Searches a whopping 100 (!) international SEs and WDs. Google, AlltheWeb, Open Directory, you name it. You can sort repparttar 131921 results by relevance, source or - much better - grouped by domain name. This "Meta-Suchmachine" is based in Germany.

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