12 High Readership Content Ideas!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. How To Articles: they include detailed step by step instructions. Examples: how to publish your e-zine, how to promote your business, how to attract visitors to your web site.

2. Tips: they are usually small pieces of information aboutrepparttar size of a paragraph. Examples: tips on using a product, tips on doing your taxes.

3. Top Lists: they are a group of tips listed in order, usually numbered from first to last. Examples: top 7 ways to get torepparttar 132099 top of search engines, top 10 ways to market your product.

4. News Articles: they can include news about your industry or company information. Examples: joint ventures, new product releases, special events, overseas activity

5. Interview Articles: they could include interviews from customers, employees and experts. Examples: interview an employee that won an award, an expert related to your industry, a satisfied customer, people profiles.

6. Publications: they include information that's bundled together to take withrepparttar 132100 person. Examples: ebooks, reports, software, auto responder information.


Written by Bob McElwain

Chances are you do not get as much input from your visitors and subscribers as you would like. When people write and say nice things, it makes you feel great, but it does not provide grand insights. Those who have bad thoughts usually just unsubscribe or leave your site for good. If you have clearly defined a narrow niche, obtaining sufficient feedback is even more difficult, for much of what you receive will be off-target. Below are some ideas that help increase feedback, along with suggestions about evaluatingrepparttar input.

Polls Are Fun

The key to obtaining great results from a poll is a question everybody has an opinion about, one they want to share. I goofed in this regard with a poll running on my site. I asked visitors their opinion about using HTML in business email. Response has been so low, it's clear not many are concerned about it.

Still, even these limited results tell me something of my visitors. That few are interested in this question is part of what I learned. While this may seem a trivial point, it does apply. I will be hesitant to say more on this subject, for I want to produce content readers and visitors want.

If you are interested in this notion, check out The scrip I'm using is free. And even though handling scripts is tough for me, I found it easy to install.

Surveys Can Produce Powerful Results

The only surveys I've tried onrepparttar 132097 Web have been offered via "STAT News." It's difficult to get a significant response in this format. For one thing, we're all quite busy and it takes time to figure answers to questions. Additionallyrepparttar 132098 survey taker must reply via email; many are hesitant to do so for fear of their address being misused.

One way to obtain anonymous response is to put a survey up on your site. SurveyMonkey.Com makes this easy to do. While I haven't tried it yet, I will. Again,repparttar 132099 more interestingrepparttar 132100 topic,repparttar 132101 more input you'll get. Andrepparttar 132102 quality is likely to be correspondingly better.

About Those Responding

An honest poll or survey seeks a random sample, a small part ofrepparttar 132103 whole. It's tough to obtain. And few get it right. With a survey or poll in your newsletter or on your site,repparttar 132104 sample you get will *not* be random. Why?

Those responding may be more aggressive types, not representative ofrepparttar 132105 whole. Or you may have phrased your questions in such a way as to turn off readers and visitors of one sort or another. Composing questions which all or even most will understand as you meant them, is a real challenge.

Evaluating Results

If you get a relatively large response, results can be taken more seriously. This is notrepparttar 132106 usual case, however. The mode is to get a few responses, but not nearly enough to consider results representative ofrepparttar 132107 whole.

I personally am willing to extrapolate and say that any one response represents that of nine others, had they takenrepparttar 132108 time to participate. But I won't go further. Thus given say 4000 subscribers and a response of 100 to a survey, you may be able to draw some reasonable conclusions about 1000 subscribers, but nothing much aboutrepparttar 132109 other 3000.

How To Screw Up Results

If you require an email address, you will turn off those unwilling to give one. Input will come only from those who will, and those who give a phony address. Either way, any randomness inrepparttar 132110 sample is gone. And results are likely to be meaningless.

Offering a freebie will almost always kick back on you. At least some will participate just to getrepparttar 132111 freebie. Some will even try to twist results, just forrepparttar 132112 fun of it. The greaterrepparttar 132113 perceived value ofrepparttar 132114 freebie,repparttar 132115 muddierrepparttar 132116 results are likely to be.

Other Ways To Gather Input

Forums, bulletin boards, and chats are terrific. But they don't work well without sufficient traffic. Onrepparttar 132117 Web, image is everything, at least initially. Nothing I can think of at this writing can destroy an image quicker than a "dead" forum in whichrepparttar 132118 last message was posted a month back. (And don't think for a moment you can fake it;repparttar 132119 only luck in trying this is all bad.)

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