12 Free Tools For Starting a Home Business With No Money

Written by Bruce Scher

12 Free Tools For Starting a Home Business With No Money

Want to start your own home business but short on cash? These proven and expert 12 free tools can help you makerepparttar move from corporate life to callingrepparttar 117348 shots.

By Bruce Scher

Home business ownership isrepparttar 117349 best way to start any business especially with no money. With no money to put up, and no money to lose, it's a risk free proposition. Your expenses are already fixed. There are no additional costs for rent, telephone, utilities, or a second computer.

"Starting with a website for only $12 per month is actually how a majority of home businesses do it," says Matt Williams. He should know. Williams and his partner recently sold their home business start-up LiveBid.com for millions to Amazon.com.

Regardless of your background, age or present situation, anyone can start a home business. Even if you have no credit, no business background, no experience, or no education, these proven 12 free tools can be used for jump starting your home business idea into reality.

Jay Reiss, mail order consultant, said "I started my home business 20 years ago, because I had no money to spend on office rent. Now, my ads are responsible for millions of dollars in sales. It's certainly possible if you try, even Apple Computer started as a home business."

Building up Your Home Business Website Traffic

One ofrepparttar 117350 fantastic free tools your home business will have at it's finger tips is email. Allowing you to communicate with new visitors as well as repeat customers, at no cost. Nothing for postage, envelopes, paper or printing, a perfect price for a home business.

To build up your home business, you will need to capturerepparttar 117351 email addresses of visitors when they come to your home business site. You will need to offer them something in exchange for giving you their email address. Go to your home business competitor's websites and see what they offer new visitors.

Another important feature of email is usingrepparttar 117352 signature tag line atrepparttar 117353 bottom of your outgoing emails to communicate your slogan or something unique about your home business. Think of this as another free marketing opportunity to tell potential customers about your home business.

12 Free Tools for Your Home Business

1) Free Domain Name Registration Your home business domain name registration is free. http://webhosting.yahoo.com

2) Free Home Business Fax Number Receive incoming fax as email. http://www.efax.com

3) Free 100 Hottest Home Business Ideas Home business owners survey of best opportunities. http://www.homebusinessfree.com/home-business.htm

4) Free Search Engine Submission Google is a must for your home business and it's free. http://www.google.com/addurl.html

Simple Ways to Protect Your Creative Work

Written by Stephen Bucaro

----------------------------------------------------------- Permission is granted forrepparttar article below to forward, reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website, offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as long as no changes are made andrepparttar 117347 byline, copyright, andrepparttar 117348 resource box below is included. ----------------------------------------------------------- Simple Ways to Protect Your Creative Work

By Stephen Bucaro

Being productive and creative gives importance and meaning torepparttar 117349 lives of many people. In some cases, it may also provide them with a means to earn a living. Unfortunately, other people feel that it is easier to just steal someone else's work. How can a creative individual protect their work from thieves?

Any work you create is automatically protected by copyright law fromrepparttar 117350 moment you create it until 50 years after your death. To receive this protection, you must mark your work withrepparttar 117351 word "Copyright" andrepparttar 117352 copyright symbol followed byrepparttar 117353 date thatrepparttar 117354 work was created.

Obviously a thief can easily remove your copyright notice or replaced with one of their own. If legal action is required to stop a thief from using your work, you will be required to PROVE that you wererepparttar 117355 original creator ofrepparttar 117356 work.

Proof of original authorship includes anything that can be accepted as evidence in court. Along with witnesses, you can submit sales receipts, and email or postal messages related torepparttar 117357 work. If a customer returns your material, you should saverepparttar 117358 receipt and packing material as possible evidence.

A common method of establishing proof of authorship is to mail or ship yourself a copy or photograph ofrepparttar 117359 work. The postmark or shipping seal onrepparttar 117360 unopened package becomes evidence ofrepparttar 117361 date thatrepparttar 117362 work was created.

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